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Oh how I love Betty Bowers! My bookmarks got erased at some point and this caused me to forget about Ms. Bowers until today, when I saw my Fundamentalist coworker wearing that hideous red with white stripes shmatte I hate so much. I was reminded of Betty Bowers's article on the First Lady's dowdy clothing, and I prodigal-sonned my way right straight back to her site. I recommend you do the same.

Last weekend we:

--Went to the flea market. Francisco and I bought a hanging candleholder that has glass prism things on it. It sounds ugly but I swear it's lovely. Boy bought two, count em, two more leather wrist cuffs. He is now fully under their control.

--Took the Boy to get his ear pierced, at his insistent request. He was very brave, though he got a little tremulous when Robert the Piercer was just about ready to shove the needle through his ear. I asked him if he wanted to squeeze my hand and he clutched it as though it was his only friend in the world. Once the needle was through his ear he relaxed and he sure loves having a pierced ear. He's all the time looking at the earring, and he could hardly Wait to get home and call his grandma and grandpa. I think he wanted us to get a lecture for letting him get his ear pierced, but that did not happen.

--Purchased and played Risk. Boy crushed me and Francisco under the wheels of his superpower killing machine. He is Such a troll.

--Cleaned things and did laundry. The house was Gross. I'm really looking forward to it cooling off here so that we can open the windows and air things out a bit. This weekend it smelled a little catty in there, though it's better now.

--Went to breakfast on Saturday morning and I had the best omelette. I'd gotten out of the habit of eating omelettes, because the last time I threw up (14 years ago) the culprit was an omelette and they haven't sounded good to me since. On Saturday I remembered that omelettes exist in this world and I was very happy because it gives me another restaurant breakfast option. My omelette had cream cheese, bacon, onions, and green peppers in it. Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea--that omelette kicked ass.

--Watched 3 movies because we went to Blockbuster (hisssssssss) to rent Boy a game and we didn't have any Netflix and there was a $2.99 per movie rate if we rented 3 movies. So we did. We saw Chicago (great--loved it very much and was so relieved it wasn't like Moulin Rouge), Minority Report (decent sci-fi but a little confusing), and Just Married (sucked even worse than we thought it would). Yesterday we got 4 Netflix in the mail so we are once again free of Blockbuster. We were reminded all over again why we hate going to video stores--Netflix is soooooo much better. I will never give up our Netflix membership, not for anything. They'll have to pry it out of my cold, dead cleavage.

--I daydreamed about making crystal bead jewelry until I figured out the beads I would need are not sold by any of the big online bead places. Why do beading books show gorgeous necklaces made with beads that are impossible to find? I should try eBay; I know they have a ton of beads.

--Finally got the family rings Boy's been jonesing for. We didn't have anything specific in mind but we went to a local jewelry store (not "fine" jewelry) and found 3 rings in our sizes--they are silver and onyx and they were $55 apiece but the sweet girl running the shop said she would cut us a deal, since we were buying 3. She only charged us $30 per ring, which is a huge discount and I hope she doesn't get in trouble. I like the rings--I think they're cool--and Boy is appeased. We were doing cheesy stuff like holding our fists together and saying, "Wonder ring powers, activate!" but we're about over it now.

--Francisco downloaded the Justin Timberlake album (Justified) from some site or other affiliated with Apple and presented it to me on Sunday, as a surprise. Shame is for the weak (tm Andreas Novak), and I am enjoying listening to my boy Justin. Though one of his songs is driving me a little crazy from being stuck in my head.

Today at work has sucked so bad. At one point I wished I could rip my skin off and flail someone with it, I hated the day so much. It's almost over now, though, and I'll be going home. Boy called a little while ago to tell me that "Esther" had bought a DVD player for the bedroom, which made me very happy. Lord knows I love laying up in the bed and watching movies, and since our only DVD player was the PlayStation 2, we always had to watch them in the living room. Bedroom is much much better.


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