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My friends, it is with a sheepish countenance that I speak to you today, for I have to tell you something I'm sure some of you saw coming a mile away [Catie, I'm looking at you.]. I'm going to my high school class reunion. I swore I wouldn't do it EVER EVER IN A MILLION YEARS, and I Totally meant it when I said that, but I have been talked into it by the classmates with whom I've been emailing--they have been very persuasive. If life were like a sitcom, I would've written that entry about getting my packet of reunion info, where I said no power in the Universe could make me attend the reunion, and then there'd be a quick cut to me on the airplane, flying west, right? At any rate, I'm going to go, and I'm either going to make the t-shirt I spoke about or a button that says, "I GOT FAT! Ask me how." I'm actually looking forward to the reunion, or at least I'm looking forward to seeing the people I've been emailing with, so hopefully it'll be fun.

I've been working like crazy today, so I'm having to rush-write this entry as well. Not a lot happened this weekend. We took a walk on Saturday and watched a good movie except I can't remember what it was. We went to breakfast yesterday morning, early, and I read Chuck Palahniuk's Stranger Than Fiction yesterday--it was Really good. Last night we had BLTs and watermelon for dinner, because Prof stopped for gas on his way home from the Shootenanny and someone was selling tomatoes near the gas station--tomatoes that were actually red and delicious. That bacon he used, though, is disturbing me. It's a maple flavored bacon, except it doesn't Taste that mapley, but when he cooks it, the smell of maple drifts through the house and permeates everything. I kept waking up last night because I was smelling something, and it was that damn maple smell. It was probably trapped in my eyebrows.

Song of the day: LCD Soundsystem's 'Disco Infiltrator', which is a song I love long time. The version I'm pointing you over to is actually a remix, and though I can't truthfully say I like it as much as the original song, it's pretty good, and more importantly, it's free. There are some other intriguing mixes on that site as well.

I'm tired.

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