...except she calls them "meat skins"


My coworker who is always talking about diets she's going to start, diets she's on, and diets she's cheating on has declared she's starting a diet again on Monday. For her a diet means Atkins, because at some point in the past she lost a lot of weight on that, so she'll be eating pork rinds and stuff like that for about 4 or 5 days until she cracks and buys low-carb ice cream. The low-carb ice cream is her gateway food, so it won't be many more days before she makes some kind of dessert and brings it into the office--the dessert is her white flag of surrender. I've asked her before why she feels the need to keep trying the Atkins when she hates it and it's obviously a radical change from what she normally eats, and she thinks it's the only thing that will work for her. I've considered telling her that I've lost 8 pounds since April 1st without making any radical changes to my diet, but then I envisioned how the conversation would go and changed my mind. She would grill me about what, EXACTLY, I've been eating and doing, and it bores me to even imagine such a conversation--I am so over talking about food and diets. She told several of us this morning that, after Monday, if we see her with any kind of unhealthy food, we need to slap it out of her hands, and I smiled as though in agreement, when privately I'm thinking I will do no such thing.

I got my hair cut today, about 2 weeks after it really needed it (well baby, I'm BUSY!) and narrowly avoided getting that nasty Opium/Miracle Whip product put on my hair again. My hairdresser picked up the can and opened it, and I said, "Wait, wait! Can I smell it?" She let me smell it, my nose confirmed it was the same stuff as last time, and I politely declined it. Apparently she doesn't think it stinks, and I didn't say "IT STINKS", but I said I didn't like perfumey products. Anyway, the hair looks way better, and I took a little hat in this time to hang on the hooks and photograph. Dennis, the salon manager (I used to think he was just a receptionist--boy was I wrong!) said, "Oh, what did you bring me today?!", and seemed happy with the hat. As I was paying, after the cut, he said if I'll send him the hat picture and the green sweater from the last time I remembered to take a little garment, he intended to put the 3 pictures I've taken so far on the salon website, if it was okay with me. Well YEAH it's okay! How fun!

Can you believe, I'm getting kind of excited to attend that blasted reunion. One of the people attending suggested we go drink beer in the two bars in town (both seedy; one seedier than the other) since most of us in our class have never drank (legally) in the town we grew up in. I think that's an excellent idea and I can hardly wait to go to the really seedy bar--it's called The Round Up, and it is decrepit as hell. Woo!!

I haven't been feeling very talky or amusing lately, so I haven't posted in a couple of days, and really I don't have a lot to say right now. I've been working really hard (processing processing processing files) and that tends to make my brain pretty dead, but I should finish the last of them up next Tuesday, one day before the deadline. I rock! Too bad I can't do lots of files And amuse y'all, but unfortunately there are limits to my powers.

Oh, but one thing of note: I won Sparkspark's 'inappropriate for children' cd the other day, and I can hardly wait to get it! I'm going to load it onto the computer with our other music, so if anyone wants the cd after I've done that, let me know and I'll send it to you. It looks really good......

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