does this high horse make my ass look big?


Last night I had an idea which made me seriously consider attending my high school reunion. The idea was to make a t-shirt to wear to the first day of the reunion; a t-shirt that would say 'I GOT FAT' in sparkly pink letters. When I pictured showing up in that shirt, it made me laugh really hard--hence the considered attendance--but it seems like a long trip to make just to wear a funny t-shirt.

Today's songs (that's right, Mitches, there's more than one) are really ones you should run right over to get, because I doubt they'll be available much longer, considering they were first made available on April 26. So, do not delay; go download immediately. These 4 songs are off the album 'Rio Baile Funk; Favela Booty Beats', and they will All have you shaking it. If you're anything like me, you LOVE to shake it, so go go GO listen to/snatch the songs up. There's one (I forget which, actually, but I think it's O Baile Todo) that features a panther growl right toward the beginning. Lordy lord, I do Love a cheesy panther growl.

I forgot to tell you that last weekend I was seized with a desire to buy a bunch of housedresses so I could wear them out of the house with socks and flip-flops, and with curlers in my hair. I'm not sure why I wanted to do this except it would be funny, but Francisco put the kibosh on it. He says I should wait 30 years before I start my Housedress Phase, and I guess he's right, but it won't be funny Then.

I'm afraid I'm going to say something judgemental right now, and I try not to do that, but I read an article about that landslide in southern California, and something in the article made me angry. One of the women whose house was destroyed said she woke up with the creaking and noises, and her cats were going apeshit because they were really afraid. She said, "I got my jeans and grabbed some jewelry" and she got out of the house just before it slid down the hill. Her cats are missing and probably dead, and I'm pissed because instead of grabbing them, she grabbed jewelry. She had a responsibility to her cats, not her necklaces! I can see making the choice to grab, oh, say, A BABY before you grab your cats, but jewelry? I would've grabbed my cats and run out in my underpants if I had to--fuck the jeans AND the jewelry. I'm so sad for those cats; that's a frightening way to die.

You know, as long as I'm being all high-horsey, I might as well also say that Sharky and I watched MTV Cribs the other night (Dennis hadn't done jack shit for us and we had nothing to watch) and they were showing Bam Margera's house. Bam Margera is A COMPLETE ASSHOLE. This is something I could've guessed on my own, but after being treated to a display of him 1) pouring hot candle wax on his sleeping roommate, 2) throwing glasses on the floor so his girlfriend would "have" to clean up the broken glass, 3) pantsing the formerly sleeping roommate and throwing his pants into the fireplace, and 4) various other exhibited assholery, I had seen enough. Bam Margera, you are dead to me.

I hope my mom isn't reading this entry with me and my sweary mouth. Sorry, mom, if you are. Meep.

I can't believe it's June already; I'm way behind at work. I'll have to work one day this weekend (Sunday, probably) and one day next weekend to get all my stuff done by mid-June, which is when it needs to be done. This is all my own fault, and though I wish I'd learned my lesson before this summer, I'm at least glad I won't have to worry about this next summer, because I won't be here! I'm still pretty giddy about that.

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