still unwell, but at least my head is pounding


Lately I've been trying very hard not to scowl or otherwise overly wrinkle my forehead, because I noticed I'm starting to get some lines between my eyebrows. These are vertical lines, born of anger and annoyance and extreme concentration, and while they're not very noticeable now, if I keep on wrinkling my forehead, they will soon become glaringly obvious. I mention this to you because, do you know how difficult it is to weep in despair without wrinkling one's forehead? Do you?!? I'm here to tell you, it's very difficult, but I intend to master the skill of wrinkle-less weeping, and I fear I will get many, many chances to practice over the next four years.

But seriously? I am extremely depressed and afraid right now, and I suspect not even Slapshot and its humorously violent Hansen brothers could cheer me today.

That is all.
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