on with the healing, already


The healing has begun, though I never would've imagined it possible yesterday morning at, say, 10:00. I seriously considered following through with my initial Bush-win plan of taking to my bed (which Slummyjelly did, and that greatly pleases me), but we had an interview scheduled, so I dragged myself to work only to find out the interviewee cancelled due to car problems. How. Vexing. I was severely despondent until maybe 2:30 yesterday and then I started to rally. It began with a coworker pointing out that now President Bush has to fix the mess he started in Iraq, and I hadn't thought about that before, but really it's only fair he should be the one to fix it. I look forward to seeing how he will do that. Something else that helped me stop wallowing in despair was a brief "Well Screw You, Then!" phase, wherein I took grim satisfaction that, by and large, the red states are the poorer states and will be most effected by the President's policies. If Bush's supporters don't care about having jobs or health care, why should I worry if they have those things? That attitude hasn't really gone away, but it's in the background now. The thing which really started the recovery ball a'rollin' was getting out my United Way donation form (finally) and directing all my donations for the next year to charities the President would frown on; if you're still actively grieving, I highly recommend donating money to organizations which make Dick Cheney growl like the attack dog he is.

I'll tell you something that surprises me; the results of this election are a lot easier for me to take than the 2000 election results, because this time, George Bush actually won. I don't Like that he won [see also: it's killing me over here], but he won fair and square, and last time he did NOT, regardless of what some might say. The voters have spoken, and though 49% of Americans had Fred Sanfordian chest-clutching heart attacks about it, it's done. And now if you'll excuse me, I need to pack for our move to New Zealand.

Okay, no, not really, though it IS tempting. Instead we'll stay here (well, not HEREhere--we still plan to move back to our favorite blue state, Washington) and look for ways to help affect change in the U.S., however idealistic that might sound, and no matter how hopeless it might seem at this point. People, let's overthrow the government in 2008--who's with me??

Next issue! Maybe it's just leftover hysteria from yesterday, but this made me laugh so hard this afternoon I cried a little. I think we could all use a good laugh in these troubled times.

I went out at lunch today to do a little shopping and on the way to the shop I stopped for gas. The pump I was at MUST have been broken, because it took, seriously, ten minutes to fill the tank. Ten minutes! And Then, you know the automatic shut-off thing when the tank is full? Not working. I noticed it was at 14+ gallons and had just thought "hmm, the tank should be full now" when gas started overflowing from the tank and onto the ground. I felt like I should've said "and this is for my homies", but fortunately I don't have any deceased friends with a former love of gasoline. I mean, great story, Eva, right? But what I'm trying to convey is it's annoying to think you're stopping to quickly fill up your tank but then instead it takes for-freaking-ever and you get gas splashed on your shoes. And I didn't even find any pants; The End.

Oh and tonight, people. Tonight we have to attend the Fall Sports Banquet at Boy's school, and I just know it's going to be heinously painful. I had forgotten all about it until last night when I was thinking maybe I would attend the Knit Night at the local yarn shop tonight--I asked Francisco if we had any plans for tonight and he reminded me, and what an unwelcome reminder it was. I imagine I seem like a terrible parent, with my unwillingness to attend these sort of events at Boy's school, but this "banquet" * is not important to Boy at all, so we're only going because he was in cross country and it's what we're supposed to do. I should mention I don't really relate to most of the other parents at all, especially the ones who are heavily involved in the organization and planning of these types of activities, so conversation is usually uncomfortable and unsatisfying. I will try my best; a shot of aquavit before leaving for the banquet will not go amiss.

Look, it's neither here nor there, but this morning I was all het up to wear some new tights I'd purchased from Target, because they're really cute--argyle patterned--and it's finally chilly enough today for tights. I opened the package and started putting them on, and they ripped--a big old hole right there in the shin of my new tights. What a letdown, and I'm going to take them back because tights should not rip just from being put on. Target doesn't always have good quality but I keep going back because they always have The Cute.

I could ramble like this for hours but I've got things to do. Til tomorrow, kittens,

PS Message for Laura: I'm sorry I didn't get back to you about the cd cases. I considered getting your mailing address and sending them to you but we ended up finding a local home for them and that suited my lazy, non-Post Office-going ass a lot better. I apologize for my slackery ways.

PPS Re: grieving for the election, some advice. 1) Watch as many episodes (it's in syndication) of The Gilmore Girls as possible--it Totally helps. 2) Don't take up smoking or eat all the cookies in your home or office, because that's only hurting you, not that smug jackhole in the Oval Office. I'm just saying. 3) Legitimate and legal Tax Resistance might make you feel better, though I think generally it requires you earning not a lot of money, and that might make you feel worse if you can't afford to buy all the cute tights you want. 4) Sealand has nothing to do with anything, but it's really cool anyway, right?

*I have no idea what to expect, foodwise, but I am going to bet--double down, even--that it'll be spaghetti. Anyone foolish enough to bet against spaghetti? |


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