could you please pass me my Ensure? it's next to my new phone


My fancy-ish new phone is making me feel old, because 1) I have no intuitive idea how to work it--I'm having to read the manual for every little thing and 2) The manual's font is awfully small and unless I'm in good light, I have a bit of trouble reading it. I never thought I'd have trouble reading small print, because I've been so extremely nearsighted all my life; I thought I would just get less nearsighted as I got older. Apparently it doesn't work like that. Anyway, I'm getting this phone figured out, but it's slow going. I assume The Shark (for whom we got the same phone) just magically knows how it works. He's The Youth of Today.

Did I tell you Francisco jackhammered up the driveway concrete, in preparation for redoing the driveway much wider, with paving stones? He hauled the concrete away but thankfully he's come to his senses and will be talking to a guy today who can finish up the project (grade the driveway area, prepare it with gravel and sand, and put the paving stones down). He resisted having someone else do the project, but he's realized how much more work it will take, and that school will be starting back up soon. School is a factor because we live across from an elementary school and the street gets crowded with vehicles when school's in session. I hope the guy can start on the driveway soon; we've got maybe 3 weeks before traffic/parking gets hectic. HURRY!

So this book I've been reading, in an attempt to achieve enlightenment (I think it's working!) had something in it that I read a couple days ago that I thought was really good. It said (paraphrasing) that any time you do anything in a state other than acceptance, enjoyment, or enthusiasm, you create suffering for yourself or others. That sounds very true to me and I have created a lot of suffering for myself over the years, most notably at my previous place of employ. If I had learned acceptance ten years ago, I would have been much happier.

There's a student getting his ass chewed out by his mother in my next door coworker's office. It's less entertaining to listen to than you might think. Oy, I'm glad this work day is almost over. In the meantime I will do as my enlightenment book says and let the sound of the kid's berating be just a sound; not bad or good, just neutral.

Ooh boy, but he is really in trouble.




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