Okay, let's catch up real quick:

1) My doctor appointment went really really well, and even the bathing suit area exam wasn't too bad. I got the pap results and they're clear, so I won't have to do that exam again for another 3 years -- Hooray! I asked Doctor (as he will be known from now on, because it's funny to me) for a Xanax prescription to try out, and he consented. The first time I took it I decided to take just half a pill and see how that went, and it banished my anxiety but the next day I felt super tired. I tried it again a week or so after that (half a pill again) and didn't get the tiredness the next day, so maybe the first time was just coincidental tiredness. Francisco had said he was unnaturally tired the day I was tired, also--don't know what that was about.

2) One thing I love about Doctor is this: He showed me my blood test results (some kind of nutritional/chemical screening) and how those compared with last year's results (in spreadsheet format)--everything was normal. Also showing was my weight last year and weight this year, which was only one pound different (lower) this year, and I said that I was losing some weight lately and that next year there should be a big difference. But Doctor said "Oh, that doesn't really matter too much. What matters is that you're getting regular exercise. Are you exercising?". I told him I was and detailed the various exercises I'm doing and he seemed pleased, but see, I SO LOVE that he shares my opinions on weight and health--I've heard some horror stories about doctors who get fixated on weight and don't care what healthy habits people have. That seems stupid to me, considering how skinny some very unhealthy people are.

3) I had the nicest possible weekend (8/7 - 8/10) with Catie and Kimmy (and Andy and Murray). We ate delicious foods and got manicures and pedicures and went out on Catie and Andy's boat, which felt super decadent. We swam in the lake for a long time and I can't remember the last time I swam before that, which is ridiculous since I love swimming so, so much. We had way too much sangria one night and stayed up super late the next night, which was the night before Kimmy and I had to get up at like 5:30 a.m. to go to the airport. That was all Kimmy's fault, of course. Oh man, I had so much fun with those ladies; they are The Best. I would happily do that weekend all over again, right this minute.

4) Although really I should probably recover from my cold first: No great weekend goes unpunished, and I have a cold I probably picked up on a plane or in an airport [I will be wearing a Hazmat suit when we fly to Hawaii]. As far as colds go it's been quite mild, and I'm really thankful for that, considering that my last cold was The Cold From Hell. So far I haven't infected Francisco: Knock on wood. I hope to wean myself off the Nyquil soon, maybe tonight. I've been taking it so I can breathe through my nose while sleeping (I HATE mouth breathing!), but I don't like how groggy it makes me feel during the mornings.

5) On Saturday (two days ago) I slept in and then had a lazy morning and went to Yakima to shop. I went to Craft Warehouse, which OMG is an amazing store! I loved it so much and got supplies to make tags for the onesies my sister will be selling on her website and at some kind of fair next month. I will be going back to that store a lot, now that I know how much great stuff they have. A+++ will shop again. After that I went to JoAnn's Fabrics, to get pillow forms and fabric; I'm making pillows for the living room sofa and chairs. Next was Target, where I bought some assorted things, including a new shower curtain arrangement, a lamp for my worktable, a box of sangria (same kind we had at Catie's), and some bowls. I finished my Yakima odyssey with a trip to Costco, and then on my way out of town I got my first speeding ticket ever. I was only going 54 (according to the trooper), but unbeknownst to me I was in a 35 mph construction zone. I mean, I saw the orange signs, but didn't see a sign that said 35 mph, so I guess I was going way too fast, except it didn't feel too fast to me. It was kind of funny, when I think back, because when he put the lights on behind me, I was sure he wanted to get around me to nab somebody else, except he stayed behind me. And that will be $191 please! Ouchie, officer.

6) Yesterday I didn't go anywhere except to the library (looking for a copy of Boutique Knits to check out -- they did not have) and to Fred Meyer, and I made those into one walking errand, to get some exercise. Since I got my cold, I haven't been doing much and I need to get back to it. Otherwise yesterday I was mostly lazy except for doing chores (laundry, change sheets, water plants, etc) and making dinner. Francisco works Friday - Monday, and as I've probably mentioned, he's back on nights, so we don't see each other too much during the weekend while he's sleeping. During his awake time yesterday we watched Liverpool's first EPL match of the 2009-10 season; it was so exciting! Except we lost 2 - 1. And my super secret soccer boyfriend transferred during the summer to Bayer Leverkusen; I miss seeing him. They could really have used him yesterday--Liverpool's two central defenders collided and were both injured. They both kept playing for the time being, but one had to be subbed out later. Oy. It's was a mess of a game and I hope it isn't a harbinger of things to come.

7) This is a small thing, but I've got a new phone. The only reason I care is because it has a QWERTY keyboard, which I've been sort of wanting for awhile (I likey the texting), and the only reason I got it now is because we had to change phones because we changed carriers. Goodbye Virgin (you suck!) and Hello AT&T. I hope this phone (not super fancy but semi-fancy) will let me upload ringtones so that I can finally have that Tardis ringtone I've been wanting for so long. I'll have to read the manual and find out.

I think that's about it.




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