Tardis: Check


I want to tell you just one more thing related to my new phone, and then I'll be done forever. When we signed up for our family phone plan, we did not include internet, right? And Francisco told The Shark we didn't have internet, yet in the three days since he's had his phone he's racked up $80 in additional internet charges. I'm assuming he tried accessing internet through the phone, and since he could Get it, thought Francisco was a big dumbass and that he did TOO have internet. Fortunately Francisco was able to revise our phone plan to include internet (a few more $ per month) and get it to be retroactive so we won't actually have to pay that $80. Phew! On the plus side in this whole thing, I can now use internet on my phone, so naturally the first thing I did was spend 20 minutes of my lunch hour figuring out how to download the Tardis ringtone, and get the volume set high enough and alla that. Totally Worth It. Otherwise this stupid phone internet is too annoying and I will probably rarely use it.

The only other thing to tell you is that Francisco talked to the driveway guy, the driveway guy sent us a bid via email, and we have accepted it. It's more than Francisco wanted to pay (his feelings are v. hurt), but the guy is going to do the driveway OVER THE WEEKEND, so we are getting out the checkbook to make it happen. I can hardly wait until it's finished; we've seen this guy's paving stone work (he did some of the sidewalks in town) and it is quality. I will take before and after pictures, although right now the Before is just dirt, so the difference will be super dramatic.

Oh okay, one last thing: Last night Francisco made the most amazing pasta sauce by roasting eggplant, tomatoes, and some garlic in the oven until it was all very soft, and then he stirred in some red wine and seasonings. Holy cow, it was amazing and I had some of the leftovers for lunch today. Hooray for garden produce!


PS Fine, one MORE thing: Does anyone have a recipe for Kimchee? We have cabbage that needs to be used, and although it is not the exact same cabbage as is usually used in Kimchee, wouldn't it work? Any guidance on this issue would be most appreciated.



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