the reluctant infant


Last night Julian was fishing a plastic bottle (a big one that used to hold wiper fluid) out of the creek, and he fell in and got soaked (don't worry, the creek is only maybe 2 feet deep, at the deepest part). I called to him from the window to bring me the bottle for recycling, so he squelched to the door and asked if Sharky was home. While Sharky was making his way to the door, Julian poured the water out of his boots (which were on the wrong feet) and then they played soccer. I got my new camera and took some pictures:




There are many more on Flickr, and you should go check them out if you want to laugh at Julian's butt crack, which is visible in at least two of the photos. He's the Cutest. Unfortunately his and Sharky's playing was broken up when a busybody neighbor called the cops because Julian wouldn't stop going into the house next door that's under construction. To be honest, I didn't love him going in there either, but there was little I could do to stop him, short of employing manhandling, and it's not my place to do that. The cops talked to his grandma and I hope the poor kid doesn't get put back on house arrest now. I wasn't privvy to the neighbor's interference, but I hope Julian told her to fuck off, as is his way.

Yesterday Sharky and Francisco had a talk during which Sharky said he doesn't want to go to college but he doesn't want us to freak out if he doesn't go. When Francisco relayed this to me, I did not freak out--not even close. I've been pretty convinced for the past several months that the chances of Shark going to college are slim, given his near total lack of motivation and our inability to motivate him no matter what we try. I only want him to go so he can have more career choices and the chance of a higher income, but it's not like I'm going to force him to go [though he's aware that getting a high school diploma is NOT optional--that I will force]. If he doesn't want to go, fine, but I asked him to think about what he Does want to do after high school. He said he wants to work in a shoe store. I give that a month, tops; he thinks that job would be ideal because he loves shoes, but I don't think the love of shoes will be enough to make him love retail work. Prove me wrong, Universe!

And speaking of lazy and unmotivated children, Minired's baby is refusing to leave the comfort of the womb though she was due to leave two days ago. Can you believe that?? You know how I hate to judge people (.....*crickets chirping*.....), but it's obvious Minired is letting this baby run her whole life, and she clearly needs to put her foot down on this being born thing. I mean, if that was MY baby, she'd be out and potty trained by now. But I don't want to judge!

We're having pot roast for dinner tonight--yay! One of my favorites, for sure. Have a good night!




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