the information budget


The following is an approximate reconstruction of a conversation Francisco, Sharky, and I had this morning:

Francisco, to Shark: Are you still planning to go see a movie tonight?
Shark: Yeah. I was just looking to see if I had any money. [Francisco hands him some] Thank you. I think I only had $1.50.
Francisco: Who all is going tonight?
Shark: Jordan and Matthew.
Francisco: And what girls?
Shark: ..............
Me: We just gave you money for information.
Shark: Jordan, Connolly, and Hannah.
Me: Which one is your girl?
Shark: None of them are MINE.
Me: Which girl do you like?
Shark: .............
Me: We PAID you for information.
Shark [exasperated]: Connolly!
Francisco: See now, was that so hard?
Me: We just wanted to know; it's not like we're going to DO anything.
Shark: Fine.
Me, to Francisco: It would appear we're Starsky & Hutch and he's Huggy Bear.
Shark: Huggy Bear is COOL.

So, he's going to the movies on what seems to be a triple date. This means Francisco and I get to have a date of our own. We decided to go to Pearls on Pearl, which is probably my favorite restaurant in town (aside from The Tav), so I'm pleased. Francisco was supposed to have Police tonight but they finished up the training they were doing last night, and hence he's free tonight and the whole weekend. I don't know what we're going to do, but getting to spend the weekend with him makes me very happy.

Have a great weekend!




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