she done arrived


FIRST THINGS FIRST: Minired had her baby this morning, Without having to be induced. The poor thing started having contractions yesterday morning (not sure what time, but her husband called us at 6:45 am, at which time the contractions were 10 minutes apart) and her baby was born at 9:58 a.m. EST, today, so that's a long time having contractions. Anyway, the baby and Mini are doing great, and I'll let her do her own name announcing, but YAY! I'm an auntie again! I'm so excited and happy and can hardly wait to go visit them next month.

Work has been real busy, and that's mostly why I hadn't posted a diary entry for the past week or so. I would've posted one yesterday but I was out of the office all day at a workshop--it wasn't very much fun (or ANY, for that matter); the best thing was getting lunch at a taco truck. I just want to eat soft tacos for every meal now, they were so good. Friday I was trying to get as many files done as possible (I did 48--could've done more but got interrupted), and also I didn't have a very good eye appt on Thursday; it was quite disappointing. The main disappointment was that I found out it would be inadvisable to have that eye surgery I've been wanting and counting on getting just as soon as I could save up the money. The primary reason is it would make me 3x more likely to have retinal detachment, and I'm already at a higher risk for that due to my extreme nearsightedness. Also I'd have to wear bifocals after the surgery, because I would then be farsighted, and good lord, why would I want to go back to glasses? The appointment itself was aggravating due to my contacts being out while I was talking to the doctor and his assistants, and a couple times I said something no one replied to, and I had no idea if they'd even heard me or not because I couldn't see their faces. Plus I surely missed a whole bunch of body language stuff, and I left feeling super frustrated. They tried to shanghai me into trying soft contact lenses, but I've been told (by a very good doctor at the Duke Eye Center) that I could wear soft but wouldn't see as well, and I was so vexed by that point in the eye exam I let them believe I would try the lenses, but first thing on Friday morning I called and requested the lens ordering be canceled. I value good sight over comfort, which is why I'm so reluctant to try the soft lenses. Francisco thinks its just stubbornness, but I do have my reasons.

Anyway, as I said, we're real busy at work and I'm trying to do a lot of files, so to motivate myself, this morning I made a log sheet with three columns: Date, # Files Done, and Excuses. I think that third column will come in real handy. I printed the log sheet and entered Friday's number of files (Excuse: Got interrupted with having to process return of funds), plus yesterday (0 files done, Excuse: Out of office). I probably won't get enough files done today to satisfy my inner speed demon, so I have my excuse ready (Had to catch-up stuff from Monday).

But on the plus side, there ARE lilacs in my office--yesterday I mentioned to my boss that I love them, so she brought me a jar full from her yard. One reason I like lilacs so much is because they were Great Aunt Ruby's favorite, and this town is just Bursting with lilacs right now. I can pretty much smell them everywhere, when walking; it's too bad Ruby couldn't smell this place right now because she'd love it.

The weekend was nice. Francisco and I went out for cocktails and an appetizer dinner on Friday night, and that was a fun time. Saturday we did chore things and got ready for his reserve deputy graduation that night. The graduation went well; Francisco spoke for a few minutes (since he was the class president), and a few police people talked, then the cadets got certificates and badges. After that, a cake, coffee, and soda reception that Francisco put together and I helped with. I took some pictures during the graduation and Francisco emailed a few to the editor of the town paper--apparently he'll choose one to go with the article someone writes about the new reserve deputies.

Sunday morning I got up and called my mom--she and Dad are at Minired's and have been for about a week or so, awaiting the birth of the golden child. I'm going to call them tonight and ask them for more info about the whole labor and delivery thing, and find out how they are. My dad was feeling like he was getting an upper respiratory thing on Sunday, so hopefully he was able to get that sorted out--they were planning to take him to urgent care for antibiotics. Anyhow, after talking to them on Sunday morning, I sort of didn't do much until about 10:30, when Francisco and I took a walk to the Goodwill. I found a Brownie Hawkeye with a working shutter for $3.99, but it turns out the lens is cloudy (and possibly fungusy--I'm unsure what lens fungus looks like), and it wouldn't clean off. So probably it'll just be a decoration camera, but if I find a Hawkeye with a good lens, I'm going to try cannibalizing it.

On Sunday afternoon we all drove over to Seattle, to Twyla and Sonny's, for a barbecue. Everyone was there--Twyla and Francisco's mom, Sonny's parents, Sonny's brother and wife and two kids. The children almost immediately elected Sharky to be their king, or possibly god. They glommed onto him like crazy and we have some funny pictures of their adoration. The food was delicious [and btw I took the weekend off my regime, which is now to be known as Super Lucky Wither Time, because it sounds like a Japanese game show]; there were hamburgers, tamales, pasta salad, grilled corn, chips, guacamole, strawberries, various beverages, frozen desserts (fudgecicles, drumsticks), and cake. I had everything except the frozen desserts, including two tamales, because they're my favorites. This was a good weekend to take off Super Lucky Wither Time, let me tell you.

Did you hear the news that Jerry Falwell died? I'm sorry to have to be a jerk about it, but I can't be sad that he's dead; his brand of religion hurt a lot of people, and it's unfortunate that some other bigot will surely take his place. Someone else I learned about today is this entrepreneurial antichrist. I have to give him credit; it's a genius claim and I only wish I'd thought of it first.




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