and I'd like him to wear a loincloth


I'm not going to talk too much about this right now, since it's all up in the air, but Francisco and I made an offer on a house yesterday and are waiting to hear back. It's the very first house we looked at; it's still on the market but the owner has lowered the price by 23K, so waiting has been beneficial, especially since interest rates have also dropped. If our offer is accepted (I anticipate it will be, but if the owner counter-offers we will most likely agree to his price) and if the inspection doesn't turn up anything too alarming, I will deliver to you a full report. But for now, no more talking about it, just in case it doesn't work out.

Otherwise this weekend:

We very much enjoyed our Friday night dinner at Twyla and Sonny's; they and the kids are very fun and it doesn't matter at all that I lost at whatever game that was we played (can't remember the name of it). Wait...Blockus? Something like that.The crepes were delicious and Twyla toasted some pecans with spices and I could have eaten them until I died--it was touch and go for awhile there. Anyway, that was a fun night.

Saturday morning Francisco and I took a long walk and I took some pictures along the way.



Bi-Mart parking lot

These were with my new 50mm lense, which I really really love. Yay! More pics at Flickr, FYI.

After the walk we went to Sharky's soccer game and then took him out for lunch. In the afternoon we watched a Netflick and a couple of Tivoed things while ingesting a spot of scotch. Excellent! We should do that every Saturday. That night we relinquished the television so Shark could use it (and its cable hookup) to play XBox 360 games via the interweb. We have Got to get him a cable hookup in his next room. Anyway, after the tv relinquishment, I read a book that really bothered me; it's about some of the women who gave up babies for adoption between like 1950 and 1973. I didn't realize how many there were and how pretty much all of them felt they had absolutely no choice but to give their babies up, even though many of them (all the women interviewed for the book, in fact) would have liked to keep their babies. It was a wrenching read, but still I recommend it. If I could remember the title, that would be even better, wouldn't it? I'll get back to you.

Sunday morning we went to look at a house out of town, even though we knew we weren't all that interested in living out of town. It was for sale by owner, so we weren't inconveniencing our realtor or anything--just the seller. The house looks alright from the outside, but hooo BABIES, it was a hot mess on the inside. It needs more work than any house we've seen so far, and that's saying something. I think seeing that house is what prompted us to call up our realtor and ask for an appointment to write an offer for what I am thinking of now as Our House, even without confirmation yet. It's on the smaller end of things, but it's also not decrepit. But no more talking.

I'll be going home in just a few minutes and will be fabricating dinner using whole wheat pasta, chicken, canned tomatoes, and a few other things. There will also be salad, made from lettuce. Tomorrow I have decided to make bacon, eggs, English muffins, and roast asparagus for dinner, but on Wednesday I'm going to have to go back to the store. Sighhhhhhhh. I need a houseboy.

Have a good night, lambies.




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