I was feeling pretty cranky this morning up until about 11:45, when Francisco called to say our realtor had phoned him and our house offer was accepted. I sort of expected to hear back yesterday instead of today, and was stressed because I wanted to know the outcome, but it turns out the sellers are on a cruise ship right now, and so were hard to get ahold of. But yay! They said yes! We'll have the inspection on Saturday morning, and hopefully it won't turn up anything big. The house is 87 years old, so I fully expect there will be some small things wrong with it, and it's just the potential big stuff that worries me. I want to talk more about the house Right This Minute, but I'll wait until after the inspection. Suffice it to say I am cautiously excited.

Tonight I'm attending a movie with Twyla; it's a documentary being shown at the university and is free--my favorite. She's coming over a little early so we can have a cocktail and chat--she's gotten some bad news about her job and I want her to fill me in. I'm going to make an easy dinner tonight, but of course I need to stop at the store on the way home and get a few things; it's inevitable.

Photos of the Day [two, because I forgot yesterday]: Spiralfantasia and Junkbird.




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