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I've been scooping the cat box now that Francisco's at sleepaway police camp, and it's added a whole new facet to the shiny love diamond I already had for Francisco, because he's been scooping the cat box for years and years and it is not pleasant. We use clumping litter now (didn't used to) and every time I scoop I think I'd like to see a structure built out of it. I mean, anyone can build with concrete, but it would take a true visionary to begin construction with clumping litter. Francisco had warned me that if the box is not clean to one of the cat's satisfaction, she will poop on the floor of the Poo Room, and I was greeted by a small poo pile yesterday morning. I'm pretty sure it's Esther who does this. I saw the poo and addressed the cats, who were both standing nearby. I said, "Whose TURDS are these?!", and the cats both turned their heads simultaneously and looked at each other. It was such a funny, guilty look that I started laughing and could not maintain my outrage. Oy, cats.

Update on the house-buying project: Nothing's happening. There haven't been any new listings that would work for us since the house we looked at a week ago, and I've been thinking maybe we should enact our pre-moving to Eburg plan of buying land and building a weird house. We'd been thinking of using shipping containers, and that would present a cool and interesting challenge, but I think we'd be happier in a house made out of one of these, or something similar. This is because we both like an open floor plan, which would be difficult to achieve with shipping containers, but would be super simple with one of those buildings. So I'm thinking about it and I'll see what Francisco thinks. Shark would hate the idea, because he wants to live in town, but if we do a lot of work on the house ourselves, it's not like we'd be moving in anytime soon, and the Shark would hopefully learn to drive before that. Eh, who knows what will happen.

Update on the Sharky school situation: I think maybe, just maybe the letter I left on his bed had a positive effect. He mentioned to me after I got home yesterday that he'd done the few math assignments his teacher had indicated could still be turned in for partial credit, and I know he did other homework last night as well. He did not ask me for help in organizing or otherwise figuring out stuff for his classes (which I'd offered in the letter), but I think he made some effort to do it for himself, and that is encouraging. It's still a wait-and-see situation, but I hope he'll at least Try to get good grades from now on this quarter. *fingers and toes crossed*

This morning one of my coworkers lent me a Morrissey cd ("Vauxhall and I"), and in order to tell you what I thought of it I first have to cop to never having listened to Morrissey before, alright? So what, fools, I never claimed to be hip. Anyway, my review of the album would ideally be nonverbal, and would consist merely of me punching Morrissey in the face, but since I cannot do that, I will just say the words "pretentious" and "twat" and let you work it out for yourself. Every song sounded the same and he seemed to be making up the words as he went along. There. I said it. And Morrissey lovers? Do not complain to me; I will not change my mind about this album no matter how many times you tell me I am stupid or whatever. I am unappreciative. I gave the cd back with a post-it that said "what did I do to deserve this? you are mean". THAT's telling him.

Francisco just called to say 1) He is buying me that 50 mm lense I wanted for the D80 (!) and B) He might get to come home early tomorrow! There is a power outage at Police Camp, so they were let out early today, and I assume if the power stays out into tomorrow, they'll be released early then as well. Yay! And we've been invited over to Twyla and Sonny's house for dinner tomorrow night (ham and cheese CREPES, Catie), so we'll get fed and will get to see the nieces and it'll be a super fun and delicious time. We are very lucky people.

Photo of the Day: Heady

Shopping list for the day (I'm posting this because I'm going to the grocery store pretty much every day due to not being able to keep track of what we're running out of until it's too late):

peanut butter
bell pepper
pizza or something else frozen (dinner tonight--don't you judge me)
sourdough bread




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