Happy New Year, y'all


The boss sent everyone home already today, therefore let's make this quick so I can jet out of here, mmkay?

1) I ran out of deodorant so I had to use Francisco's and I have manly-smelling pits today. This is not as much of a turn-on as you might think.

2) A couple of weeks ago I finished Soccer in Sun and Shadow and just really really loved it. I highly recommend it if you like soccer or know someone who does. Right now I'm reading the book Francisco gave me for my birthday, Translation Nation, and it, too, is very very good. Next up I'll read How Soccer Explains the World (Francisco finished it yesterday morning) and then I'll read Among the Thugs, which Francisco picked up yesterday in place of MY copy of How Soccer Explains the World, on Max's recommendation. I am very pleased to have so many awesome things to read.

3) This is a 4 day weekend! I already have a long list of things to do, and if I can get them all done I will have accomplished a huge amount and will be quite happy about it next week. Fingers crossed that I can be a powerhouse this weekend.

4) We don't have any New Year's plans other than making delicious food and staying in and watching movies, or something. This is okay with me because I don't find the American celebration traditions of New Year's to be very satisfying. Now if we were in Scotland, celebrating Hogmanay, it would be a whole different story. Le sigh.

5) Esther only coughed once last night, that I can remember. I hope this signals the beginning of the end of this round of lung infection.

That's all I can think of right now. Happy New Year!!!! I'll talk to you next week.

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