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This morning I was watching Rollergirls, which Dennis had picked up for us last night, and was struck with the idea of someday (sooner rather than later; I'm not getting any younger) starting a roller derby team, if the area we're moving to has a league. Being in roller derby was, after all, the first career I ever wanted as a child, and I don't see why I couldn't do it now that I'm an adult. The roller derby women featured so far on Rollergirls are more high spirited than I am or ever want to be (I'm not into toilet papering people's houses now that I'm not 16 anymore) but I bet I could find some other...shall we say...'bookish'? women to be on the team, and in fact Max has already agreed to join, so now we just need a few more. I already have a name for us; are you ready? We shall be known as The Librarians. Our big opening schtick will be to remove our glasses and let our hair down, before the match; it'll be awesome. We can chant things like, "We're charging late fees!", or "No talking in the library!", and our outfits will have suede elbow patches. Man, this is gonna be sweet.

I need to do the rest of this update in list form, as I have once again procrastinated too long to write anything cohesive.

1) On Saturday morning Francisco and I did some minor shopping and, fed up with the ugly fleece thing we've been using as a throw blanket, got a fantastically soft throw that I really like. Unfortunately Lucy really likes it too; in fact I think she's in love with it. She actually went and sat next to Sharky this weekend when he was using it, so she could sit on the part he wasn't using, and she usually doesn't give him the time of day. Her love for the thing is pretty adorable, really--she sticks her face into it and looks so blissed out.

2) We also got Serenity on Saturday and watched it almost immediately. Then yesterday Francisco and I watched it again, with the commentary on, which might be geeky, but Joss Whedon is a very funny man and the commentary was quite enjoyable.

3) Yesterday morning we watched the Liverpool/Bolton game which ended up a 2-2 tie; it was exhausting. But we got to see a recap of the previous Liverpool game (which wasn't shown on television), in which Peter Crouch (the 6'7" guy I've told you about) scored the only goal. When they showed the goal the announcer said, "Bambi on Ice, Peter Crouch!" It is possibly the most accurate description of his playing that I've heard yet.

4) We went to the Asian market on Saturday morning and bought a whole bunch of stuff, including things we'd never had before. What I'd like to tell you is roasted and salted fava beans are delicious.

5) Francisco and Sharky had some candy left over from Christmas (my sis sent us home with a bunch of candy and cookies) and there were some taffy-like things that they didn't like. Francisco said they tasted like a peppermint asshole, which I realize is very crude and my mom is probably cringing if she's reading this, but it's also pretty funny. Sharky said, "peppermint asshole....that's like a holiday insult", so now of course we're occasionally calling each other that. Our family functions so differently than either Francisco's or my family functioned when we were growing up, but it really works for us, and I'm glad we can tease each other like that.

6) I only got about 2/3 of my list completed this weekend. This is not really surprising, but I'll be working on the rest of it in the next week or two, and oh it Will get done.

I'm out of time to write, but if you're so inclined you can look at Flickr and see what else we did this weekend. Unfortunately there are no pictures of us passed out drunk or anything like that, but you Could see Chris making breakfast while wearing his big cowboy hat. EXCITEMENT.

Here's that double exposure I mentioned last week, from my second roll on the Smena:


Have a great night!

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