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Francisco picked up my 2nd roll of Smena pictures yesterday, and they're not as good as the first roll. This is probably because I was messing with the f-stop, to try and follow "the rules" of photography, but I ended up with a lot of overexposed pictures, including some I took outside in the dark, of the moon. I don't know how the hell they came out overexposed, but whatever. I'll need to rectify this problem. There were a few okay pictures, and one I really Really like (a double exposure--will scan and post to Flickr and here soon), but overall it was disappointing. Note to self: quit fiddling with the aperture.

Our Esther is still coughing but she's not getting any worse, so hopefully the medicine is helping and she'll start showing improvement. In the meantime her attacks continue to wake us up at night--at least 6 times last night--and it's a bit wearying. Francisco and I each gassed her once with Albuterol last night, and I'm at least glad I'm getting used to waking up just enough for that but not too much to go back to sleep almost immediately. I used to have trouble with that; I'd be awake for an hour after any sleep disturbance.

I don't think I told you this before, but Sharky has a new nickname for me that I'm enjoying. He's been calling himself Ghenghis Khan, and he started calling Francisco 'Stupid Khan', and me 'Shorty Khan'. He really loves being taller than me; he takes every opportunity to point out his height advantage.

Songs of the Day:

Mavis -- Emotional Vampire, at Hits in the Car. LOTS of other great music there as well. Specifically, check out The Sugarplastic.

The Mountain Goats -- Family Happiness, at Sixeyes.

Jenny Lewis -- The Charging Sky, at I Guess I'm Floating.

Several great songs by various artists: 'A Best Truth Mix', at A Best Truth. Song mix includes Michael Sembello -- Maniac and Chaka Khan -- I'm Every Woman.

Vera Ward Hall -- Poor Lazarus, at Honey, where you been so long?.

Loveninjas -- Meet Me Here, at 3hive.

Tonight our agenda consists of meat pies for dinner while watching the Liverpool game. Francisco put the clock on the wall this morning, so we're set.

I wish I had more things to tell you today, Internet.

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