hello, it's been awhile


Look, it's not that things haven't been happening, because they have (nothing big, though), but when I think about trying to write anything down, I feel tired. For a little over a week I've been quite tired anyway--one day I even went to bed at 7:30. 7:30!! Oh hey, while I'm thinking about it, could you hand me my Geritol? Thanks so much.

I've been having allergies lately, to leaf mold I think [Esther's been having problems too] and I think they triggered my immune system to lay its goon hand down on some innocent bystanders, and that's what's making me tired. The old hip has been grumbling a little bit, which is always a tipoff. Anyway, I think I'll feel a lot better after snow starts accumulating on the ground, which might be on the 12th if the forecast is to be believed, which it surely is NOT. But we'll have snow eventually and I'll just wait it out.

Today I went to the Fred Meyer for some groceries, and even though I took ALL my patience, it still was not enough. I was ready to lose my shit by the time I got out of there. CROWDS of people; many of them parking their carts in the middle of the aisles, heedless of others. That kind of thoughtless behavior makes me want to go on a choking spree. So you'll be glad to know I lived through it and so did everyone else. The End.

We'll talk more later.




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