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My morning at work started with a big meeting involving several different offices, and toward the end the guy running the meeting mentioned "students of color", which is where I stopped listening. The reason I stopped listening is because I started thinking about that term "of color" and wondering about the origin of it, because it's weird if you think about it. OF color? OF it? That's bizarre, right? Because "colored people" is offensive, but who was the first to say, "Hey, what if we changed it to a prepositional phrase? That would fix everything!"? I think I'm going to start changing potentially offensive things I say into prepositional phrase form and see how it works out for me.

Oh, the first part of the meeting was all about how strapped for cash the university is and how budgets are going to have to be cut--sometimes drastically--so I guess I'm not getting out of here anytime soon and I need to make the best of it. On Saturday I'm going to over-the-top decorate my office, and Francisco is going to help. I think having my office finally decorated will make me happier on a daily basis. What will also help is listening to music more often and continuing to put stickers on every document I touch. Also possibly I will start wearing costumey clothes. Who knows.

Hey, guess who sucks at Jazzercise? That's right, it's me. I really like it, but I'm just bad at it. That surprised me because of how I used to totally kick ass at step aerobics, and I sort of thought those mad skills would transfer over, but apparently not. I'm not the worst in the class, fortunately; there's a mentally challenged woman [woman of mental challenges?] in the class, and she's definitely the worst, but this morning I really gave her a run for her money. I hope I improve, because it's hurting my feelings to be so ridiculously terrible.

Here's another aggravating thing: I did that yarn trade with a Ravelry person and I got the yarn she sent and I like it a lot and feel it was a good trade. THEN I get a message from her last weekend where she says she never got the yarn and money I sent as my part of the trade. It's been like 3 weeks, so if she didn't get it, it would seem she's not GONNA get it, right? She's only in Virginia. I told her if she didn't get it in the next few days I would send her yarn back, so I hope it will finally get to her, but it doesn't seem likely. I could pay her for it, but I'll already be out like $40, all told, and I don't see why I should throw more good money after bad. At any rate, this will be the only time I do a trade via Ravelry; it's left a bad taste in my mouth.

I think I'll remove it with some lunch.




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