Attention Juan: I just bought another camera


We went thrift shopping today. Got a couple of side tables for our upstairs rearrangement and some mismatched creche figures. Then I looked at the cameras at the Goodwill (which I always do), and noticed an intriguing old empty camera case. I wanted to find the camera that went in there, so I started digging through the camera pile and OMG I UNEARTHED A SMENA SYMBOL. What the. Holy shit, are you kidding me?? A SMENA SYMBOL? I sort of wish someone had taken a picture of my face at that moment.

As you may recall, I have a Smena 6, and I bought that camera off eBay, from a guy in the Ukraine ($35, with shipping). The Smenas were manufactured in the USSR, so I would love to know how this Symbol got to Ellensburg, WA. If I lived in a big city, I wouldn't be so surprised. There was no price on the camera so I took it to the front and asked some chicky who works there. She looked it over and said, "Hmm. How about $3.99?" I managed to choke back a squeal. Yeah, okay. That sounds fine.

I haven't put film into the camera yet, but I tested the features and they all seem to work, so I'm pretty sure I didn't just throw $3.99 down the drain. And hopefully I'll like the Symbol as much as the Smena 6, or at least Almost as much. I'm pretty effing fond of the Smena 6.

Otherwise today I've mixed up a double batch of rum balls for our cookie exchange tomorrow (I'm dubious that amount of dough will produce 8 dozen rum balls, but we'll see); it's in the frig so it can firm up a bit. I also wrapped a couple of presents I bought for an anonymous gift donation for kids in town and have done some tidying up. Still to go today: Making dinner, starting some flavored vodkas steeping, constructing the rum balls, and hemming my new exercise pants. I guess I should get to working again.




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