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I got spam on my guestbook this afternoon--the homepage provided is for a swingers website--but the spam message itself cracked me up: "I have found your site to be interesting in its content - my comments on this site are positive. This is my first observation on your site". -- Olaff Palme. I was disappointed it was spam, because it would've been funny if that was someone's real message to me, but I still like it.

Songs of the Day:

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Home On Ice.
John Vanderslice, Trance Manual.
Chin Up, Chin Up, Fuck You, Elton John.
Dressy Bessy, Ringalingaling.
Wang Chung, Hot in Herre.
LCD Soundsystem, Daft Punk is Playing at My House.
Nepo, Yer Warpin' Me. (via Fluxblog)
The Fort Knox Five, Radio Free DC.
Kraddy, Godzilla. This one and the previous via Moebius Rex, which is a great blog, and you really should bookmark it. So many of the songs on there right now would be a song of the day, except that would be silly so we should just say it's the MP3 Blog of the day. Resolved!
SunGodSons, Minors Into Fire (via Music (For Robots)).
Matson Jones, A Little Bit of Arson Never Hurt Anyone.

This weekend I'm going to:

1) Get a Flickr account and post a bunch of pictures there, including reunion ones (I was sort of the official photographer last weekend), and

2) See Leslie and the LYs on Sunday night. I am So Excited--they're going to have the tour bus/gem sweater museum with them!! It's almost too much. I'm taking Monday morning off because we'll be out quite late (sans Sharky, of course) and I don't want to be staggering into work all exhausted and cranky. I will give y'all a full report, except not as full a report as the reunion report, because in retrospect I think that was approximately 60% too much report. I am living and I am learning.

One other piece of good news: Francisco's friend, Bennett, has been trying to dissuade us from moving to Ellensburg, because he doesn't like winters that cold, so he thinks we won't like them either. He sent Francisco some kind of general weather summary for Central Washington that says it's not unusual for temperatures to get to -10 Fahrenheit in the winter, and sometimes as low as -30. You know what this means, right? Lots and lots of knitting! I'm so pleased.

Gotta run--have a great weekend!
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