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This weekend I did just what I said I was going to do: I got a Flickr account on Saturday, and we went to see Leslie and the LYs on Sunday night. I now present to you the glorious combination of these two things. The show was Amazing, let me tell you. I've never seen anything like it, and if Leslie ever happens to tour through your area of the planet, I Highly Recommend going to see her. She is also a very nice person, in and out of her rapper persona. I talked to her a little bit before her show and a tiny bit more afterwards, and one thing she said was her mom makes all her costumes. That woman must be a genius seamstress; note the purple lightning bolt outfit, in particular. A two person group called Robo Sapien opened the show (a few pictures of them are included in that set on Flickr) and I liked them quite a bit, though the sheer loudness of their performance made me think about hearing loss and I was glad we were at the back of the crowd at that point, because the noise was blocked a little by other peoples' bodies. We were going to buy their album, as it was available for purchase that night, but then we found out it was Actually an album, as in a record, not a cd, and since we don't have a turntable we didn't get it. Hopefully they'll put out a cd at some point. As for Leslie and the LYs, I've been listening to that cd all day; it is not getting old.

One good thing about going to that show that I didn't anticipate beforehand was finding out about the venue, The Night Light. It's a combination used bookstore/cafe by day (in daytime it's called The Skylight), and a bar/club by night. We got there early and caught about an hour of the open mic night, which is apparently an every-Sunday night thing. It seemed pretty laid back and fun, and I thought all over again about my idea of getting a toy piano to play at an open mic night. I've been thinking about it off and on a Lot since Sunday night, and I think I'm going to have to do it. I'll be toy piano shopping soon; I hope to find one with many animal noises. Anyway, The Skylight/Night Light is a really cool place--you should check it out if you live in Durham or Chapel Hill (it's in Chapel Hill).

Today is Sharky's birthday, and since he already had his party last month, we're not doing a lot for him today, though of course he gets his gifts. We're going to take him out to dinner on Friday night and I'm sure he'll enjoy that--he Loves the eating nowadays. He's a great kid and it's hard to believe he's 14 already.

Work is still horrible right now, as it's been since I got back from my class reunion last week. I have a million emails to return and a bunch of files to do that I'm having trouble doing because of all the phone calls and emails I'm getting. So it sucks but I am Going to conquer it; mark my words.

I have three songs for you today:

1) A mashup of Fifty Cent and the Jungle Book soundtrack, at Moebius Rex. This song has the Miles seal of approval--he's the one who called my attention to it in the first place. I know, I know; he's FANTASTIC.

2) Mocky -- Seeing Things, at Tofu Hut.

3) Baxter Dury -- Oscar Brown, at Spoilt Victorian Child.

This weekend when I was making the music blog rounds, I kept this Song of the Day thing in mind, and I have some good ones for later this week too. I sort of wanted to post them all at once, today, because I hate to keep good things to myself, but I will practice some self-control and make you wait for them. HA-ha.

Gotta go back to working now.
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