grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner, I think


The next time I see my doctor, I'm going to suggest he learn some simple magic tricks to liven up exams. Specifically I'm imagining him during pelvic exams, being all, "What's THIS?", and then holding up a coin. Or maybe he could be pulling out those scarves that are sewn together in a chain. Come ON, what woman wouldn't love that?!? I ask you.

My doctor visit last Friday went so great I can't even tell you. Doctor confirmed his spot as my favorite doctor ever by doing his usual intent listening thing, specifically when I was describing my ongoing digestive stuff and how I don't think it's IBS [after I said that he said, "Oh. Okay!"]. He prescribed me some topical antibiotic stuff for my face (for the suspected Rosacea) and some Cipro to see if it would improve my digestive symptoms. I stopped taking the Cipro yesterday because I got a small amount of rash and I was itchy all over. Also my heart felt like it was beating extra hard, and I had stomach pains, and it seemed like I should maybe not take it anymore. He scheduled another poop-into-a-container test, this time for H. Pylori, but I haven't been able to fulfill that test yet because the, er, SAMPLE has to get to the hospital lab within 1 hour of being made, and the lab doesn't open til 7:00. My body is an early morning producer so the timing hasn't been working out, but I'm sure I can make it work tomorrow--I have the day off and the lab does not. Anyway, if I don't have H. Pylori (and since the Cipro is apparently not going to cure me), Doctor indicated he'll probably want me to get an endoscopy. I was terrified of that possibility when I first got sick, but not anymore. It's worse to be sick for months and months and not know what's wrong, plus friends who have had endoscopies have told me they're no big deal. Anyway, I was super super relieved by how well the appointment went (I didn't take a Xanax beforehand and didn't need it) and on Sunday I knit my fingers to the bone making a hat for Doctor. His hair hasn't grown back yet from his chemo and it's getting v. cold here. It's likely a bunch of other biddies have already made hats for him, but hopefully having one more will not be a burden. When I wrapped it up, I threw in a stick-on mustache, just for fun, and I bet none of the other biddies thought of that. In your FACE, biddies.

My birthday is on Monday, and I've decided what my birthday gift to myself is going to be: I'm finally going to visit the Universalist Unitarian church on Sunday. I've been thinking about going there for years -- since we moved to town, actually -- but have never worked up the courage to go. I'm sure most people wouldn't NEED any courage to do a thing like that, but visiting there is intimidating to me, since I imagine it'll involve numerous conversations with strangers and I'm not great at that. I decided to finally go through with it after I read a thing that said something like, "you have to go where you've never gone and do what you've never done to get where you want to go and be who you want to be". That's an approximation; the actual thing was way better. When I read that, the UU church popped into my head, and the decision was made. I will report back. It will no doubt be hugely anticlimactic.

I got my Mondo t-shirt a couple days ago, and I like it but it's HUGE. I thought it might be sized like Threadless, which run super small, but I guess Mondo's run large. Keep that in mind if you happen to order one.

Nothing else to tell you, really. It snowed a long time yesterday and didn't stick around, but this is the earliest fall snow we've had since we've lived here, so I guess everyone who's predicting an extremely snowy winter might be right.

Have a great night!



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