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A little while ago I remembered the two skeins of yarn I put into the freezer after bringing them home from the thrift store a couple weekends ago. I always freeze thrift store yarn immediately to kill any possible moth eggs, lest my entire stash be infected. Anyway, the skeins were packaged in different bags and are different yarn. I opened the lovely off-white one first and ohhhhhh lordy this yarn was a great buy. I didn't look at the label really at all when I bought it, but it's Suri Merino from Blue Sky Alpaca, and it retails for $16.20 per skein. St. Vincent thift store price = $1.49. I went on Ravelry and know exactly what I'm going to make with it--a cloche hat that I was planning to make anyway, but now I know others have used this yarn and one skein is enough. How sad is it that this has made my night? The other skein is a thick and thin variegated yarn without a label and was 99 cents. The day I bought those yarns, there was more yarn at the store than I'd ever seen there -- the bins they put yarn/craft things in were heaped full. I had to assume some crafty old lady had died, because I can't imagine any other scenario. I hope when I die there will be someone who wants my yarn stash so it won't end up weirdly packaged and being spurned by strangers even at crazy bargain prices. This weekend I should go back and see what's left, in case I overlooked something good.

I've been in a huge knitting mood lately, if you can't tell.




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