I got that boom boom POW


Okay, so my digestive thing has come out of retirement (it turned out the near-vomit experience I had was the harbinger of DOOM) but I don't want to talk about it much except to say Giardia and Lupus (pfft, LUPUS) have both been officially ruled out and I have an appointment to see Doctor tomorrow. His recovery is going well and he's back in the clinic part-time. I hope he can figure out what's wrong with me, finally. In preparation, I made a spreadsheet of my symptoms and how they compare to symptoms of a few different possible medical problems/diseases. What's funny is my symptoms coincide most with those of a Helminthic Parasite infection. If I have worms, I'm going to be so happy. Totally killable! But I don't think I have worms; mainly I just put that on the spreadsheet for comparison purposes.

Here's something I've been holding onto for awhile and have just now, spur-of-the-moment, decided to announce to you, my internet friends: Our 19 year-old son, The Shark [I need to think up a new nickname for him], has impregnated his girlfriend and they will be getting married February 19th and having their baby sometime in May. As you can imagine, this news has taken some getting used to and processing by us, his parents. Of course we are concerned for the well-being of all three of them, and saddened that this will inevitably make his life harder than we'd like it to be, but we're super proud of him because he's really stepped it up in the last couple of months. He has a job he's doing really well at -- they've given him more hours and are training him for more responsibility -- and is behaving a lot more responsibly in general, according to my brother. So we're feeling quite proud of him and have every hope and expectation that he'll continue to mature and will make a go of his new situation. His girlfriend is very sweet (so quiet around us; I guess we scare her) and is excited to be a mom; she's taking parenting classes in preparation. When we see them next we plan to ask them if they'll go to pre-marital counseling (which we will pay for) so they'll have a better idea of what they're getting into, and I hope they say yes.

This news is something I have shared with very, very few people. NOT because I'm embarrassed about it in any way (what is this, the 50s?) but because it's no one's business and I will be irritated if it becomes A Topic of Conversation, you know? I'm waiting as long as I can to announce it at work for one specific reason: My most irritating coworker (hereafter known as The Mouth) would absolutely use it as an excuse to talk about her baby grandson and show me his pictures all the time, and I just can't take it. I really don't like her and her penchant for making everything all about her, and I'll be damned if I have to sit through extra monologues just because I'm going to be a grandmother like she is. A Grandmother! Holy shit, that's so bizarre. Don't tell anyone I said this, but I would love for it to be a boy. I mean, I will love the baby no matter what, but I am already blessed to have three little girls in my life -- my nieces -- so it would be nice to have a little boy as well. Also, I have already come up with a Genius idea for a baby quilt that wouldn't really be appropriate for a baby girl, and I would love to make this idea a reality. So, there you have it: The biggest news I've had to tell since maybe ever.

Minor Things of Note:

1) I got my new glasses, and they're way better than the old ones in every possible way. After I got them, I immediately realized my hairstyle was completely wrong for the glasses and got my hairs cut off. I went short, but not pixie cut short, and it's a great improvement.

2) I've been knitting a lot lately, and the other night I dreamt I made a sweater in two hours and then wore it out into the snow and wasn't cold in the slightest. Yeah, that would happen. I'm working on a pair of mittens (one mitten done) for a gift and am still working on my first sock, but the heel has been turned, I repeat THE HEEL HAS BEEN TURNED. Smooth sailing from here. For my nieces for Christmas/Hanukkah, I have decided on matching scarves [shut up] but am throwing in matching pj pants as well. I have this adorable flannel to use and I'll probably make a pair for myself as well. The holiday knitting/crafting is well underway. I'm taking a week off work this month just for doing whatever I want, and my plans are to get a shitload of gifts made, as well as watch as many English costume dramas as I can.

3) Speaking of costumes, can you Believe Mondo didn't win Project Runway?!?!?! OUTRAGE. This morning I bought a t-shirt from his site to try and give him some of the money that should have been his. I loved his clothes! I'm pissed at Nina Garcia and Michael Kors, but I'm not going to stop watching the show because I love it too much.

4) The wood stove has been installed and we're all loving it, even Esther, though she pretends to turn her nose up at it. We've been eating Smores for desserts a little too frequently and should probably stop doing that, but oh man, Smores are good! These desserts are giving me motivation to get on the treadmill in the mornings, but the treadmill doesn't completely mitigate the damage. I'm not actually worried about this, by the way; I'm just saying, probably not a great habit to be in. Anyway, the stove is just as cozy as I'd hoped, and I love it The End.

This is all I can think to tell you at this time.




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