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I got caught up at work today; entirely caught up. My inbox is empty, I cleaned out a bunch of papers and manuals and recycled them, and basically I'm just utterly and completely up to date. If you don't think this is satisfying to an anal-retentive person such as myself, then you'd be very wrong, my friend. I could not be more pleased with my caughtuptitude, and I intend to stay caught up if at all possible.

Being caught up and feeling happy is kind of a surprise, because this morning I was very upset and depressed. The reason? Boy was not only still feverish this morning, but he also threw up, and that is a new thing for this illness. Francisco got him in to see the doctor again this morning at 9:00, and he was examined by two doctors (including the one from Tuesday) and they concurred that his morning nausea was almost certainly caused by the excessive, um, drainage he's having from his sinuses (sorry, I know that's gross). The good news is the wheezing in his lungs has lessened, so the antibiotics seem to be working. The doctors said we should go ahead and keep up the antibiotics and the bronchiae thing, and they also gave Francisco a decongestant to administer to Boy so that he doesn't have a repeat of this morning's vomiting. I don't love that he's getting 3 medicines, but I don't want him throwing up if he doesn't have to, because he already has zero appetite and isn't eating much, so I want what he Does eat to stay in his body. The kid has lost 4 pounds since December and he didn't have it to lose--he is skinny, plus he has grown measurably in the last couple of months. I'm staying home with him tomorrow and plan to baby him ridiculously. I already told Francisco that if Boy expresses a want for anything today, I should be phoned so that I can pick up whatever it is on my way home. I will buy that child anything at this point; I feel So bad for him. If he wanted a pony, this would absolutely be the right time to ask for it.

Oh, and get this--Boy's doctor gave Francisco his weekend phone number so that we can call him if we're concerned. How often does That happen?? I really like that doctor. I think he knows his shit.

Thanks to the people who, in the guestbook, suggested possible lemon perfumes. I will be checking the perfumes out as soon as possible, and will report back. You guys are great!

West Wing last night was enjoyable as always. Nice to see Sam again, and also that thing with Will and the numbered interns was amusing. Plus Charlie and my secret boyfriend getting arrested; didn't see that one coming.

That's about it for today--not much to report. I just called home to see if Boy has wanted anything, and he hasn't, but I'm going to the store on the way home anyway to pick up some foods I think Boy will eat. I figure some ginger ale, pudding, sorbet, and other things along those lines should go down fairly well. And some more yogurt, I think we're running low. Oh, and some oven french fries, because french fries are good sick food. The smell of them wakes up the appetite, apparently. Hey, what sick foods did you like when you were a kid? I would really welcome some suggestions; I need to get the kid eating again.


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