Raucous Lunch


Has Mother's Day gotten to be a bigger holiday or is it just big in the south? Last year and this year, cashiers at stores were wishing me a happy mother's day, and this was not just ON mother's day, but started the Friday before. And I have to say, I can't approve. Yes, I do happen to be a mother, but since Boy wasn't with me during the 'happy mother's day'ing, how were the cashiers to know? What if I not only wasn't a mom, but desperately wanted to be a mom but was infertile? Or what if I'd been pregnant and had had a miscarriage, or what if I'd had a child and it died? In any of those situations, being wished happy mothers day would be devastating, and I think the stores who direct their cashiers to 'Happy Mothers Day' any woman who looks old enough to have kids need to change their policies, stat. Complaints will be lodged; memos will be sent.

My yesterday was nice, though. We got up early and went to breakfast (huevos rancheros--yum), and Boy and Francisco gave me this card, which I love, and some good smelling soaps and a notepad. They are very sweet. The rest of the day was relaxing, pretty much. Francisco went to a shooting competition and Boy and I did little chore things around the house, plus reading and etc.

Okay, it's late in the day now--I wrote the previous this morning. My lunch with the student's parents went really well! I would go so far as to say they Rock--it was a lot of fun. The student didn't go, which I think made it more fun for me, to not have to try and be a good example or something. They plied me with a glass of wine, and I haven't gotten very much done this afternoon, but I don't care. So I'm really glad I didn't try to fake a meeting, because it was really great to get to know them a little.

This is all I have time for, though I Know I had more I wanted to talk about. Bad brain day.



PS Lately I've been listening to Classic Punk on the Netscape Radio, and can I just say, where was I when this punk was contemporary? I missed out, for sure. |


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