The Salt Men of Tibet open a can of whoop-ass


Francisco and I are Such bad people. We're watching 'The Salt Men of Tibet'? And heckling it. I feel really quite guilty. The Boy left the room in a huff a few minutes ago, once he figured out the movie wasn't about Kung Fu like Francisco told him. It's always funny to trick the Boy for a little while. He puts on a good snit.

Speaking of Boy, a little while ago he called us "peeps" and when we said something about it, he said, "Look, if you don't want to be peeps, I can demote you to "dawgs", and I was just so impressed by his use of 'demote' that I don't care What he calls us.

Good day today--I got a lot done and feel ready to kick ass next week, work-wise. I had some of the nicest people in the world (parents of one of my graduating students) come in today and invite me to lunch on Monday. And the thing is, I could tell they REALLY wanted to take me to lunch--it wasn't just one of those bullshit invitations people expect you to turn down. So I said that would be lovely, and we're going to lunch on Monday. I did consider making up a fake meeting that would prevent the lunching, but I think they would've been sad. So it might be weird to have lunch with virtual strangers, but I doubt it, because they are very good talkers and will pick up the slack, should I fall short.

This weekend I'm going to plant some geraniums in pots and some gardenia rootings (a coworker gave me some cuttings last fall and I rooted them in water and waited all winter to plant them) on the back slope. On Sunday Francisco is going to a shootenanny and we'll all go to breakfast that morning, which we haven't done in a long time, so that'll be nice. Other than these things, I have no plans.

My glass is empty and this is a travesty.


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