Cat Fight!


There are a couple of stray cats that have recently begun periodically fighting in our front yard at night. The first time this happened, Lucy and Esther (who were on the bed, since it was almost time to be sleeping) jumped up in unison and leapt off the bed. And instead of going to ground under the bed like we expected, they both raced to the living room window and looked out. It's been the same thing since that first time, with the running to the window to watch the fight, and it still surprises me because the catfights are the only thing to which Lucy and Esther react exactly the same. In all other disturbances, they do their own thing. Esther runs from the vacuum cleaner and Lucy doesn't. Lucy hides under the bed during lightning storms and Esther doesn't. To have them acting with one accord is strange, and especially because it's the catfights bringing them together. Maybe they're wagering on the outcomes and we just don't know it because we don't speak Meow. Possibly that's why Esther eats most of the canned food--she won it fair and square betting on catfights.

The office wars are ON. I should mention that the boy coworker left early on Friday, and my coworker and I (the one whose car he put paper into, through the sunroof) went to boy coworker's office and did the following:

Turned up the volume on both his phone and his computer speakers, to eleven.

Taped his chair wheels so they wouldn't roll

Taped his drawers shut

Hung his pictures upside down

Taped down the button on his phone (the one depressed by the receiver when not in use)

Unplugged his phone cord

Unscrewed his desk lamp lightbulb

Messed with his overhead fluorescent bulbs so they were off

YES, it's juvenile. But it's pretty entertaining, though now we're paranoid all the time. He did some stuff to my coworker's office last night, and today he even sabotaged a completely innocent coworker's speaker volume when she was at lunch. I guess he's totally throwing caution to the winds, since he's quitting in less than 2 months. If he messes with my office, I've got my revenge all planned: I'm going to copy Tim from The Office and put his stapler in a jelly (jello--lemon flavor, in this case). How beautiful would that be, for him to go up to his office and see his stapler in bowl-shaped lemon jello, on a plate? Very beautiful, that's how beautiful. I hope he gives me a reason to do it. I don't like copying other people's original ideas, but in this case I'll make an exception, because it would just be so damn funny.

Upon the recommendation of Atomic, I had Dennis record 'Airline' and 'Family Plots', both on A&E, and MAN those are good shows. I recommend them both. The episode of Airline I watched last night featured a man in a miniskirt with no underpants, only he was saying it was a kilt. They made him put on pants before letting him on the airplane, which he was pissed about, but people. That was no kilt--it looked like a cheerleader skirt. People are so entertaining.

Last night Francisco made the good curried chicken salad again, the one I could eat until I died, and I have furthermore decided that if I'm ever forced to choose the instrument of my death, I will choose that chicken salad. I guess I should put that into a legal document of some kind, huh?


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