I didn't plan on such a lengthy absence


I am tired. In retrospect, it probably wasn't a good idea to read until just after 11:00 last night when I knew I had to get up at 6 and work today, but once I got started I didn't want to stop. What am I reading? Well I'll tell you. I am re-reading, for like the 10th time, Stephen King's "The Stand", because as I explained to Francisco this morning, it is a comfort read for me and that's something I can use right now, what with our move not being entirely finished and whatnot [more on that later]. He pointed out how effed up it is that I consider that particular book a comfort read, and he's right but the facts are the facts.

Probably I also read late because it was the first time yesterday (and in the past few days) that I had any time alone. Friday it was work work work at our new house and moving more stuff from the old. Saturday we took the Shark to Seattle and put him on the bus for Eugene--he got there safe and sound but he was v. tired and it was a weird day for him. See also: The person he was sitting next to got taken off the bus by police for an outstanding warrant. Jesus Mary and Joseph--I knew the bus would be an Experience for him, but I didn't realize just how much of an experience. Hopefully it will motivate him to pursue a job that will afford him car ownership and etc. Anyway, after getting him on the bus and spending a little time window shopping in Seattle, we met Francisco's mom in North Bend (east of Seattle, going toward Eburg), had dinner, and made the trip back over the pass. Francisco drove her car, because she was nervous about the snow, but it had slacked off by then and the plows were doing their job, so the trip was a piece of cake. She was ensconced in our house all day yesterday, working on a gift she was making for her son-in-law, and I in turn was not able to work on a gift I am making for her. How can I make a secret present for her when she won't leave my house?? I ask you. I now need to bail on the family (minus Francisco, who has to work) steak dinner tonight so I can do that project, but truth be told, I am not sorry to have that extra alone time, for I need it. I really do love my mother in law, but she's kind of medium-high maintenance and that wears me out after awhile. Por ejemple, yesterday I went to the grocery store for a few items and before leaving I asked her if there was anything she wanted. She said she wanted a little bit of cream for her coffee--she prefers that to milk. No problem. I picked up one of those tiny cartons of cream and when I got back she saw it and said, "Didn't they have half and half?" Is it just me or should she maybe have specified half and half if that's what she wanted? I did consider getting that instead of the cream when I was at the store, but then I thought no, she SAID cream, I'll buy cream. I cannot win.

So, the move. It's going alright but it is far from over. We've got everything we need for day-to-day life, but there's still a lot at the house that needs to be moved--most of it in the garage. A decent amount of what's there will go to Goodwill instead of our house, and the majority of the remainder will go into the attic or garage, and it's a good thing because we're about out of room in the house proper. After we convert the garage to a part of the house, things will be a lot less cramped. I'll take some pictures of our house as it is now (still need to paint our bedroom and the guest room [and Catie, we're painting the guest room pink! I decided that after I bought some gorgeous curtain fabric that has green leaves and pretty pink flowers]), but I'm not sure where the camera uploady cord is, so it could be awhile before any photos get posted.

The cats adapted amazingly well to the new house. They were only creeping around for a little while (an hour, maybe) before they seemed right at home. And they have also adapted super well to using their bedroom door and poo closet door cat arches. They were wary of going through them at first, but within a day they were zipping in and out like champs. I'm quite proud of them; they are good girls.

Speaking of good girls, we've had some great visits with our nieces this week, and Baby Frances is doing something new (or at least, new to me) that is hiLARious. She's fascinated with people's tattoos and moles and wants to look at them. She was sitting on my lap, facing me, at one point on Friday night, and without warning she grabbed the top of my shirt (a v-neck) and pulled it down to like mid-bosom. "Mole?" After I composed myself (holding the shirt protectively) I told her I did actually have a mole in that area but I couldn't show her just then. "Mole?" "Do you want to see the mole?" "Yeah." She has a funny way of saying yeah--very abrupt. I took her to the guest room and showed her the mole on my right boobie and she was very pleased. After she had looked at it as much as she wanted, she returned my shirt to the upright and locked position and patted it gently. She then gave me a big hug, as though we had just shared a bonding experience. This mole thing was repeated twice more during the evening, including the hug at the end, and it was just KILLING me with the cuteness.

Let's see, what else to tell you? You'd think after being gone so long I'd have loads of news, but in truth we've been moving and unpacking and organizing and etc, which is not all that interesting. Oh! I did happen to notice, while walking down the baking aisle at Fred Meyer last week, that the something brand Chocolate Molten Lava cake mix now has 20% more lava, which I think we can all agree is good news for everybody. How should we celebrate, friends?

So far, after living in our house for a week and two days, I have two complaints about it; neither vehement. Complaint Number One: The stove. It's an electric flat-top, and the second time I used it I was cooking chicken, and some of the oil splattered out of the pan and onto the surface, and STAINED IT. I've been seeing on the internet that stains can be cleaned off the flat-top stoves with Soft Scrub or oven cleaner (for bad stains), and I guess I'll try those, but it annoys me that already the stove looks bad and I've barely even used it. Complaint Number Two: The dryer, or rather, the placement of the dryer. Or maybe the complaint is the placement of the vanity in the half bathroom which houses the dryer, but to cut to the chase already, the dryer door cannot be opened all the way--it can be opened only about 3/4 due to it being too close to the vanity. The aggravation on that seems self-explanatory and we may have to see if a plumber-type person could switch the washer and dryer positions; we looked at it and that kind of place-switching seems beyond our skillz.

My boss just told me to go home, even though it's not five yet, and I am outta here like a SHOT.




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