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I sure wish I could sleep like a normal person, but lately I've had not so much of that. I keep waking up at 3-ish and thinking it's almost time to get up, then looking at the clock and going back to sleep for half an hour, at which point I wake up and think it's almost time to get up. Lather rinse repeat. It isn't helping that the cats are arranging themselves on the bed so as to compromise all my leg movements and also give me maybe 1 foot of sleeping space, and it doesn't help that our new heaters apparently work Too well and I keep waking up drenched in sweat. Complain complain complain. I'm not really all that upset about it [Yet], but I AM getting weary of being weary. The End.

But here's the deal: I have little to no time to write anything today, as I have many people to email back and a fair amount of work to do that I should have done earlier this week and didn't. Therefore this will be brief and in list format. Don't hate Eva.

1) Christmas was v. fun. We (including Francisco's mom) went to Twyla and Sonny's for present opening--Lou had the most fun with it and Frannie went along with it until she opened the toy cash register and then she didn't want to look at anything but that. The children bought and sold stuff for Hours that day. Probably I said this before, but we exchanged only secondhand and handmade gifts with them, and that made it so much fun, plus I love everything I got. After the gifts we had brunch (Dutch babies made by Francisco and bacon made by Twyla), and then it was home for me and Francisco, because he had to get ready for work and I just wanted to spend a little time with him. Later it was back to Twyla's for dinner, and again it was fun. I'm so glad I married into their family; I can't imagine better in-laws.

2) Francisco's mom went home on Wednesday, and though I enjoyed her visit, I have to say it's nice to have the house back and not have to worry about entertaining and/or feeding a guest.

3) Do you remember me speaking of Adolpho, Francisco's coworker from the jail who is tiny and cute and wears huge-framed glasses? Francisco told me that a couple days ago another coworker played a prank on Adolpho that consisted of having him announce over the jail intercom that the prisoner "Mike Hawkslong" needed to be brought to the control room. Say that out loud a couple times. Poor Adolpho--apparently that cell block (200 or so priosoners) was fairly wetting itself with laughing.

4) We're slated to go to Seattle to pick Sharky up at the Greyhound station tomorrow and we're concerned about whether the pass will be open. If, before about 10 in the morning (which is when he gets on the bus in Eugene) it looks like we won't be able to get over the mountains, we'll have to call my parents and have them keep him--until when, I don't know, but his classes start back up next week and it would be good if he was here to attend them. This situation is worrying me, but most likely we'll be able to get over there, even if we can't get back over here, so the worst that would happen is that we'd have to stay overnight on the west side. Not the end of the world, but I'd rather not.

5) Francisco was trying to put in a mailbox today but then found out that before he can do it all the utility companies in town have to come out and mark where their pipes and etc are, under our yard so that we won't accidentally breach one of them. So probably he will not be able to finish the mailbox today and our mail will continue to be held hostage for a little while longer. But something I wanted to tell you is that he was talking to the owner of the Ranch and Home hardware and feed store yesterday about the various ways to erect a mailbox, and the guy told him he would bring his post hole digger and some other kind of tool to the store today so that Francisco could borrow them. Isn't that the nicest damn small town thing ever?? I love this place. PS I don't think Francisco borrowed them, but he went back to the store this morning to buy a mailbox and thank the man for his thoughtfulness, or whatever the manly equivalent of thanking a guy for his thoughtfulness is.

6) Yesterday when I got home I had a package from my sister that turned out to be a teeny tiny digital camera that's on a key chain. Yay! I plan to fashion it into a necklace pendant instead, because I just recently got the best key chain in the whole world (JEN), and anyway, it would be even more handy as a necklace pendant. I'm also the worst sister in the world for having not sent my sister or her family any gifts yet, but it's not for a lack of caring, it's for the lack of having a well-functioning brain and having all that damn moving to do. Soon, very soon, gifts will go out. Be patient, my pets.

7) Last night for dinner (Francisco wasn't home--he's still on swing shifts) I made myself a salad out of a whole loaf of romaine lettuce (loaf = head of romaine that's been washed and cleaned of outer leaves--comes in 6 pack from Costco), an apple, 3 green onions, a sprinkling of sunflower seeds, and some blue cheese dressing. If you don't think I could eat that whole thing, you don't know me very well. I mean, it took me awhile, but I did it. Hooray! Hooray for Eva!

8) I really must start using our new treadmill, though, to halt and correct the holiday ass-enwidening. Resolved.

9) Another to-do is to take photos of all my yarn and knitting projects for the Ravelry site. I got my invitation over a month ago (maybe close to two months) and have done little to nothing with my account. Not sure I'll end up doing a lot with it, anyway, but I signed up and should probably at least Try and follow through.

10) Photo of the Day: No-man gazes into the eye of Polyphemus

Okay, I'm done.




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