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Do y'all talk back to your televisions, even when no one else is in the room? I tend to do this. Just the other day I was watching Small Space, Big Style and a couple of homeowners (one of them carrying a small dog) introduced themselves as Ted and Ted, and the dog as something like Sparky. At that point I paused the show (oh how I LOVE Tivo) and said, "I am SO disappointed the dog is not also named Ted", and I realized talking to the tv made me officially crazy, but I didn't care. Because come ON, if you were a Ted married to a Ted, wouldn't you name Your dog Ted, or Ted Junior? I know I would.

You know what I find cruel? That viruses and bacteria are so easily contracted via the eyes, because my eyes are sometimes So Itchy and I never remember not to touch them until after I've touched them. Cruel Thing Number Two: It just started snowing and is supposed to snow lightly, off and on, the rest of tonight and through the day tomorrow. Um, Universe? Did you forget that we're trying to move? I mean, I know it's December and everything, but I thought I've made it clear that I like it when things are super easy. Sigghhhhhh I guess it's somebody else's turn right now.

Last night I bought curtain rods and hardware but couldn't bring myself to buy any of the curtains at the Fred Meyer. They were not All hideous, but some of them were and the rest were just....Boring. The windows in our bedroom are (from the outer edges of the sill) 6 1/2 feet wide, which would mean buying more than 2 panels per window. There were some wider curtain panels that I considered, since we would only need a total of 4 of those, but they were $30 per panel and were fairly ugly. I couldn't do it, I couldn't spend $120 on curtains I hated when I knew I could go to the fabric store some time next week and get some great fabric for waaay less than $120. I got the rods so we could neatly hang some sheets as temporary curtains, instead of the current sheet configuration Francisco has in our rental bedroom--he hung them up even though we have blinds in there because he wanted to black out the room (this was when he was on overtime shifts). This has been my curtain story: The End.

Nothing else to report at this time. Tonight we'll be working at the new house and having dinner and going to bed early. Tomorrow we shall get up early and work our asses off all day until we've moved in all the stuff needed for day to day life. We shall then bring the cats over and will be officially living there. I cannot Wait. Poor cats, though. They'll be like, AGAIN?

Have a great weekend, Lambies.




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