Jean Seberg's fetus baby


I wrote this first paragraph yesterday but had some computer trouble and couldn't expand on it or post it to D-land:

My brain can be so irritating at times. Last night and the night before it was all revved up and wouldn't let me sleep until after midnight, which isn't enough sleep when I'm waking up at 6:30 or so. I don't know how I can make the brain stop--I tried all sorts of visualization and nothing worked, it's very frustrating. Another thing my brain does (and this is all the time, not just recently) is it gets stuck on words or phrases and forces me to say them out loud at times. Last week it was "bitches on my jock", which is somewhere on Andy's site, and then it was "I'm Rick James, bitch!" (a minor bitch theme, apparently, courtesy Dave Chappelle). After those two came "pervy hobbit fancier" and 5 minutes of "Insolent Puppet", followed by an intense day yesterday with 'envidia', because I was listening to a recording of a song called Envidia that I love very much. And today "I'm Rick James, bitch!" made a brief encore appearance, and then my brain moved right along to "Jean Seberg's fetus baby". Maybe everyone's brain does this--I have no idea--or maybe I have a very minor case of Tourette's Syndrome, which would be okay with me because then I could go to the annual convention. Alls I know is, I'm feeling like a zombie from no sleep, and I hope nothing upsets me today, because I will Lose it.

So that was yesterday. I slept a lot better last night and feel pretty good except kind of jumpy--maybe had too much caffeine this morning, I don't know. But if I can just talk about Jean Seberg for one second, how is it I didn't know anything about her until this week? It seems to me hers is a story everyone should hear some point but I never heard a word about her, which makes it glaringly obvious to me that I know almost nothing, since there's so much to know that I don't even Know how much there is to know. Does this make sense? If not, I'm blaming the caffeine. Though really, two cups of half-caff coffee isn't that much caffeine--it's like one cup of regular--and yet I feel like there's a parasite in my chest clawing to get out, a la Alien, Aliens, and whatever that 3rd one was called. Charmed, I'm sure.

The parties at work are Way out of hand. Get this. Yesterday at noon we had a little celebration for the boss, as it was his birthday, but we did the celebration to trick him into not suspecting about the bigger celebration we had today. This was not my idea, I need to point out--not the celebration yesterday or the "real" one today. What distinguished the real one from the fake one is the real one had an elaborate theme and decorations, and was a surprise. I've talked before about the coworker who orchestrates these things and how she needs more work to do, and she really does. Before she started working here, we had very normal little birthday celebrations (cake, that cursed birthday song, and a little conversation). At first, the elaborate themes were sort of fun, but it's 3 years later now and we can never have a birthday celebration unless we're outdoing ourselves from the last one. And by "we", I mean the coworker. I was ranting to Francisco this morning about how ridiculous this is and he says I should sue for Celebratory Harassment. Is there such a thing? I need a good lawyer. I mean, say it with me: A birthday party yesterday to throw the boss off track about the birthday party today. Won't somebody come here and rescue me?

I'm getting my hair cut in a few minutes, which is great, because just this week it started looking unruly. Then this afternoon I have two meetings to attend, then tomorrow morning I have my appointment with the rheumatologist and an afternoon meeting with a computer guy. This much out-of-office activity is unusual for me, but not in a bad way, and I think the meetings/appointments will all be productive. However, knowing that I have to remember to go to all these things is not helping so much with the jittery factor I've got going on today. This too shall pass.


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