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Okay, I'm kind of ticked off. I've been thinking about the term "outsider art", and it's sticking in my craw. Here's a definitition I got off a website this morning:

"Works of art -- paintings, drawings, sculptures, assemblages, and idiosyncratic gardens and other outdoor constructions -- produced by people who have had little or no formal training in art and who produce (or at least began by producing) art without regard to the mainstream art world's recognition or marketplace."

This is pretty much what I thought the term implied, and it seems to me that people who have not been trained in art AND who are making art for the sake of making it and not for the sake of recognition and money are more authentic artists than non-outsider artists. Insider artists? Whatever. The point is, art is art, and if you're making art because you love to do it even though no one has ever told you how to do it, then you're an artist, even if you never sell anything. I would personally rather have art made by someone who doesn't feel constrained to produce things people will want to buy. This is due to the popularity of things like 7th Heaven and Britney Spears -- just because something is marketable does not make it good. End Lecture.

Uck, one of my coworkers forwarded me a little film today, with "helicopter" in the title, and when I watched it it was a film our military made, from a helicopter viewpoint, of them machinegunning people. Why would I want to see this? Gave me a sick stomach. I emailed her to ask if I was seeing it correctly, that it was of our military killing people, and she wrote back that they aren't people, they're ENEMIES (her caps). I emailed to say that I like her but don't want anything like that forwarded to me in future, and that enemies are people. Propaganda is scary.

It's snowing off and on today, which is nice to see from my office window. Also, I am quitting Tae Kwon Do, because though I hate to quit things, it's not really working out for me. I can only go once a week and I feel like I'm not learning what I should be learning if I could go on Tuesday night too. Also, it's a long drive, and not one I want to do on any weekday night. I still want to learn a martial art at some point, but I want to wait until there's a better schedule and/or location. Another reason for quitting is I've been thinking about how my brain is being wasted by not knowing a second language, so I want to take Spanish and don't want to have to work around a Monday night Tae Kwon Do class. I took Spanish for 2 years in high school, but never really used it and so have lost most of the vocabulary I had. I still remember all the basics, though, so I have a foundation to build on and think I'll be able to pick it up a lot quicker. It's exciting to think of being able to speak and understand another language, and Spanish is a useful one, for sure. Though I'd rather learn Danish, because it's my favorite language, sound-wise, but how practical would that be? Not very, that's how practical.

Why am I staying at work so late? I need to go home.


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