all the colors of achievement


I am happy to report my new color-coded project system is working out nicely. After I got all my projects written down and highlighted [pink = ASAP, green = soon, yellow = later, dark blue = oops that's a marker], I decided I didn't really need to actually put them on a calendar, mainly because that step was going to be a giant pain in my ass. But I've been doing things! From the list, and then crossing them off! Oh how I love crossing things off lists. I feel super good about this system and will continue it forever or until such a time as it stops working for me.

To no one's surprise, I'm sure, my bicycle nemesis now recognizes me when he sees me, and he even says good morning to me every time he PASSES ME LIKE I'M NOT EVEN PEDALING, that bastard. This has been at least partially because the commute TO work is uphill (only a little, but still), and BN is in better shape than I am, but someday I'll manage to pass him again (probably going downhill) and that will be Sweet. The look on his face when he passes me and turns his head to say good morning has been one of "I am playing the role of the maddeningly casual superior bicycle pedaler". I mean, I think he GETS that I'm pretending he's my nemesis and is going along with it, but maybe what his face is actually saying is, "this woman is crazy and I must placate her at all costs". Eh, who knows.




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