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I've complained before about how if I pack both a banana and wheat thins in my lunch, the wheat thins absorb the banana flavor, even through the ziploc bag, but do you know, I brought cantaloupe today, in my new fancy (not that fancy) divided container, and in another section of my container I put wheat thins. Of course the wheat thins taste like cantaloupe now, and I just don't know why those crackers are so prone to assuming other foods' identities. Wheat thins, just be yourself!

Lately I've been thinking about the myriad of projects I want to do. I've been aggravating myself by running over them in my head again and again, but I haven't actually been DOING any of them. This is because there are so many I don't know which to do first and feel paralyzed by indecision and by the feeling that I'll never get them all done. So I am excited to say I have started a giant list of all these projects. Once I feel most of them are on there (I keep remembering more), I'm going to figure out which ones I want to do ASAP, which ones soonish, and which ones can wait a bit. This will most likely involve different colors of highlighter. Then! The best part: I will put them all on a calendar so that I've scheduled time for every last one of them. It's possible I'll be using a two year calendar for this, and I'll use pencil because I know I'll want to trade some things around. Anyway, I think this might just be the solution to my "when the hell will I accomplish all this?" problem, and I'm very excited to get started.

LAST THING: So, there's this guy who works in a different office on campus and who I've met several times but who never remembers meeting me. It's possible I've mentioned this before, but I can't remember. Someone will say to him, "Oh, have you met Eva?", and he says, "No, I don't think so", and I'm thinking good lord, man, you're giving me a complex. Anyway, this dude lives near me and he rides his bike to work, and he's a faster pedaler than I am, so he's all the time passing me. I've come to think of him as my Bicycle Nemesis and have vowed to never invite him to join my bicycle gang. Here's the awesome thing I'm leading up to: Yesterday he left campus a little before I did and I could see him, a block ahead of me, pedaling fast and pulling ahead. But then he had to stop at 5th street, for cars, and I gained on him. In fact, I caught up to him. Just as I was arriving at the intersection, he started to cross, so I made the assumption that he wasn't suicidal (that there were no cars coming), and zipped past him, shrieking, "Woo HOOOOO, I'm WINNING!" Oh yes I did. He didn't know I was there, so he did a pretty good flinch but then he started laughing. Oh but it was too late for my Bicycle Nemesis--I pedaled my legs to the bone and stayed ahead of him all the way to where our commutes diverge, which I count as a 100% win. Take THAT, B.N.!

And now I resume my working.




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