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My last night was really kickass good, but not for any Cool reason; it was good because I actually got stuff done (crossed 2 things off my list) and worked on a knitting project along with my usual sitting around activites. And getting stuff done makes me happy, as I have So Much I want to get done before we move, and we've got less than 5 months until that happens. I did tell you, didn't I, Internet, that we've pushed our moving back until June? June 10, to be precise. It WILL happen, I tell you this with absolute certainty.

This morning Francisco and I got up around 5:30 (alarm was set for 6:30 but we were both awake, so what the hell--we got up) and lifted weights. We are calling this The Feats of Strength and plan to do it at least a couple times a week, OR we'll do yoga or pilates or something (shut UP those activities build muscle too). This is a Good Thing especially since we'll combine it with a walking/running regime.

Have I ever told you I have a personal assistant living in my brain? He works out of my office (in my brain, which is Way nicer than the office I have at work) and his name is Richard. He wears cheap suits and his head is a ball of fire. True story!

Do you remember Marcus, my kid nemesis? The kid who, for a time, was relentless ringing our doorbell to ask if Sharky could come out, or barring that, trying to weasel his way into our house to pet our cats? Well, he's not as much of a nudge these days, and Sharky has been generously kicking a soccer ball around with him on occasion. A couple of weekends ago they were kicking the ball around and a small neighbor boy (maybe 4 years old) wanted to join in, so they let him, but then Marcus kicked a mighty walloping shot at the kid and hit him right in the face. The kid hit the ground like a sack of wet manure and there was much weeping. Fortunately the kid's dad was standing right there so Marcus couldn't blame Sharky (I KNOW he would've tried). I don't know why I'm telling you all this except I got reminded this morning about the incident so I wanted to relay it as well as tell you we are now calling Marcus "Girl Bike Marcus" behind his back. It is a very satisfying nickname and the way I came up with it was by cunningly observing that he has a pink girl bike. I know; I'm a genius.

For your music today, here is a selection of Iron & Wine and Calexico songs. They were recorded live and I almost never post links to live mp3s, but I love Iron & Wine and Calexico, so there you have it.

And now I go home to see the mens.

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