Okay! Feeling much happier and less tired today, on accounta having gotten good sleep last night and a good walk this morning before work, wearing MY NEW TRACK SUIT. Twyla had implied, in a guestbook comment last week, that Francisco and I would be getting matching track suits, but I can tell you that is not the case. I got a cute(ish) red track suit (zip-up top) with white stripes down the sides whereas Francisco decided to go "old school" with a grey sweatpants/hooded sweatshirt arrangement. The pants are huge and if he pulls them up so the crotch fits at his crotch, the waistband sits just below his pecs. It is a LOOK, let me tell you. Hopefully he'll allow me to take a photo of him in that getup so you can all view the horror.

I still don't have much to report, though. I ironed out what is hopefully the last of the problems on my new computer today *fingers crossed* and feel I will stop procrastinating on the big work project I have due in about three weeks any minute now. One thing I can report to you is Sharky grew half an inch in the last 2 weeks and I'm not surprised at all, given the amount of food he's been inhaling on a regular basis.

So that's it, then. No music today, for I have to jet home now and have no time.

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