what a bitch


Hello y'all. Usually on Monday I report on my weekend, but I was so cranky for so much of Saturday and Sunday that I just don't have much to say. The weather sucked and I was very irritable, I think in part because my right sacroiliac joint started hurting again, which indicates my immune system is having a big old party in there again and inflaming shit up. Consequently I got very little done and was quite sedentary (even took a wee nap yesterday), which didn't help my mood, because I always feel happier if I do things on the weekend. Aaaaanyway, bleh blah bloh I'm sure the joint will knock it off soon--I'm taking ibuprofen--and everything will be fine, but instead of a report, you're just going to get a few songs.

Songs of the Day:

Rogue Wave -- Are You On My Side?, at MyExBestFriend.

Three songs from The Infadels, all good, at Comfort Music.

Augie March -- Little Wonder, at Shake Your Fist.

Sparrow House -- When I Am Gone, at Gorilla vs Bear.

The new computer I got on Friday is nice and fast, and I like the new keyboard and mouse, but the computer guy didn't set up my computer programs properly because he doesn't know what the settings are supposed to be, so I've been toiling over that today. And see, this is why I hate getting new computers at work, because it always takes me so long to get things working right afterwards--computer guy couldn't understand why I was trying to refuse a new computer, but this is why.

Just call me Complainy McWhinerson today, unless you call me Rainfall, in which case please call me that instead because I like that better. I'll get more sleep tonight and will be happier tomorrow; you'll see.

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