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I really like the new dynamic I've got going with my boss, wherein I get to insult him "jokingly" while pretending I'm doing it to counteract the butt kissing he gets from everyone else. Today he forwarded an email to me that alerted me to a problem needing to be fixed and OY it's so annoying, but anyway, I emailed to say thanks; that's just what I needed to give my blood pressure a little boost. He emailed back to say he had something to show me that would cheer me up, to which I replied, "Is it your resignation letter?". And then I laughed and laughed.

Hey, I've been meaning to show y'all a picture of the prettiest goalkeeper in Argentina; German Lux:

German Lux, River Plate goalkeeper

He plays for River Plate, which is not my favorite Argentine team, but who I used to like watching anyway because their manager (Reynaldo Merlo) reminded me of a big, dumb bear in some ways. But Reynaldo Merlo was recently canned, so now I'm not that motivated to watch River Plate unless they're playing the Boca Jrs. en el super clasico.

Do you know, a couple of days ago Francisco figured out our digital camera has a multiburst feature, wherein it produces photos comprised of 16 tiny photos taken one after another [...por ejemplo...]. I'd been jealous of Sonny's camera (Sonny is Twyla's spouse) because it does that, but all this time I could've been taking multiburst pictures too. One of my projects for the weekend is to read our camera manual, cover to cover, to find out what else the camera does that I didn't know about, and play around with the camera extensively. Other than that, I'm just going to do simple stuff this weekend like cleaning, knitting, and painting my toenails. I will also be making dinner on Saturday and Sunday nights, because we purchased ingredients for both risotto and sushi and those things are delicious.

Remember the project I thought up several months ago involving burying a bunch of somethings all over the planet (wherever I travel) so that after I'm long dead people will be digging these things up and wondering about them? Except I wasn't sure what to bury because I want the things to last for centuries? Diana suggested something plastic and it has since occurred to me [duh] that the plastic bubble things the Homies come in are the perfect solution and will offer me the opportunity to put a message in them as well. I figure if I seal the bubbles with silicon gel they'll be watertight, and if they're buried the plastic won't degrade very fast, so they are the perfect thing. I have probably 3-4 dozen bubbles right now that I will soon be filling with messages and sealing and then I'll get to burying. I need to get more bubbles (have to find a direct supplier--I don't need that many Homies) so I can bury them on our move across the country, whenever we stop. I'll be like Johnny Appleseed except not, and I will always have a trowel with me. This project now has a name: The Immortality Gambit. Thank you please.

Songs of the Day:

Wolf Parade --- Shine a Light, at I Guess I'm Floating.

Nate Butler -- Celebrate, at stellYseepodcast.

Duran Duran -- Rio (dance version), at The Smudge of Ashen Fluff. Just yesterday I was pining for a little Duran Duran--the person whose website that is must've read my mind.

Tonight we're having cosmopolitans (or archiepolitans, since they're Dreas' friend, Archie's, special secret recipe) and brie with flatbread crackers, and then we'll have soft tacos and salad for dinner. This sounds like the best lineup of food and beverages in the history of ever. I'm hungry already.

Hasta la vista, amigos!*

*It pisses me off that a perfectly good Spanish phrase has been ruined forever by an Arnold Schwarzenneger movie. Up yours, Arnold! |


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