Ghenghis can I come over after school?


Do you know, today I started getting a bunch of emails and phone calls and various things that needed to be done, and I've actually had to WORK. This is such a shock to my system I don't even know what to do, but I'm coping. I haven't had any time today to write, but I would like to tell you just a few things:

Last night I heard Sharky singing that Stacey's Mom song, except he was substituting Ghenghis Khan. As in, "I know it might be wrong, but I'm in love with Ghengis Khan". This pleases me very much.

I completely forgot to list one of my Christmas gifts and I can't believe I forgot, because I really like it. It's a Burt's Bees set, with Lemon Butter cuticle stuff (LOVE), lip shimmer (in champagne color and I love this stuff because it's extremely pepperminty), and some kind of mega super moisturizing hand cream. Francisco's sister sent it and I've been using and loving it and yet forgot to put it on my list. See also: forgetful.

My friend, Diana, is in on the roller derby scheme (see my guestbook for her thought process--it's funny), so that's 3 of us now. Any other volunteers?

Francisco and I walked at lunch and I took another couple of pictures with my $1 camera--I need to hurry and take the rest (probably just a couple more left on the roll) because we set this Friday as the deadline.

I'm PMSing right now, but knowing that isn't really that much comfort, you know? Like, this morning I was really sad about something, and I think the sadness is valid for the situation, but my inability to put it into perspective or brush it off temporarily is the direct result of that damn PMS. So I'm all Overreacting Woman trying to be Rational Woman but never the twain shall meet until I begin bleeding from my vagina. I can hardly wait.

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