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Dear Internet,

I have little to tell you. Lucy is still in love with the soft throw blanket--she spends time looking at the blanket (draped over the couch back), looking at me, looking at the blanket, looking at me, etc. She probably thinks I'm unable to take a hint, since I don't give it to her every time she wants it, which is constantly, but she kneads it and snags it a little, so I don't want her to have access to it all the time.

This afternoon I took the last picture on the $1 roll of film in my $1 camera. Rewinding it was funny because the mechanism was very resistant and made a loud, almost machine gun-like noise, but it did rewind. I ended up with what I think are a few pretty good shots, if they come out, so maybe I won't automatically lose the contest after all. We'll see.

Francisco bought the second season of Arrested Development this afternoon, since we finished the first season last night, and I'm so happy we have more to watch. I thought it over for a long time and have come to the conclusion that it is the funniest, most brilliant show that has EVER been on television. I don't say that lightly because there have been tv shows I've loved quite a lot (and still love) but in my opinion, Arrested Development is the best. Can't we just agree to disagree?

Tonight we're having breakfast burritos for dinner. Tomorrow morning I would like to have crepes for breakfast, but Catie is refusing to let me come over, because I may have made just the tiniest bit of fun of her obsession with her new crepe griddle. I'm telling you, Internet, don't make fun of Catie's crepe griddle; she will cut you.


PS I'm going to start back with the mp3 links soon, I promise. |


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