all the leaves are brown, and the sky is grey


I'm still having to actually do work at work right now, and fortunately I'm getting used to it again. When I'm looking for a new job this summer, in Ellensburg, I'm going to look for one that has a steady workload, year round, because having 6 months of frenzied overload and 6 months of radio silence is weird, and it's difficult to remember how to work hard when gearing up for the 6 months of craziness. I mean, the craziness won't actually start until mid-March, but we're having a temporary workload increase right now, and I am so disoriented. I'm sure people with jobs that are crazy and overloaded 12 months out of the year are glaring hatey death rays in my direction right now, and I would be too, but I'm not asking for pity, I am merely reporting the facts.

Another fact I can report to you today is that I didn't sleep well last night and am having a bad face day, complete with undereye bags. Coupled with my bad hair day, this is super charming. I was thinking I would let my hair grow out a little bit, so I can put it up in cute styles and stick toy cars and mini Godzillas in it and stuff, but it's so unruly and hideous I don't think the toy cars are worth it. If it hasn't settled down by next week, I'll call in an airstrike for a hair appointment.

Songs of the Day:

Supersystem -- Born Into the World, at Audiophile. I haven't seen this page before and I Strongly Suggest you hustle over and look at it. There are mp3s (listed down the left side) dating back to April, and though some of them don't seem to be actually downloadable anymore, most are still available. I didn't count the number of mp3s there, but there are dozens and include artists such as Nouvelle Vague, Antony and the Johnsons, Imogen Heap, Devendra Banhart, Belle and Sebastian, Animal Collective, Bloc Party, Sleater Kinney, and blah blah blah, you HAVE TO GO LOOK!

Wannabe Texans -- I Cut Myself, at tmwsiy*.

Street to Nowhere -- Boxcars Boxcars Boxcars, at Gorilla vs Bear.

Silver Jews -- Sometimes a Pony Gets Depressed, at Undomondo.

Pigna People -- Mixoff, at Silver's Boogaloo.

David Fridlund -- Into My Arms, at Sixeyes. Oh how I love David Fridlund.

The Bangles -- Hazy Shade of Winter AND The Mamas and the Papas -- California Dreamin', at Moistworks.

I'm going home in a few minutes to have a martini, dinner, and probably watch the Netflick we have, Millions. Tomorrow I'm going to drop Jeff's and my $1 contest film off for processing and maybe do a little light shopping. I really want to see Brokeback Mountain this weekend (it's FINALLY made it to a theater near us) but the theater it's at is teeny tiny and I can't imagine it Not being sold out all weekend. But we'll try. Otherwise I have the chores and my long list of projects and my stack of excellent books, so it'll be a good weekend for sure. I hope you have a good weekend too, internet friends.

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