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Yesterday Francisco spent nearly the whole day making Carolina barbecue. It's not something that needs constant attention, because it cooks in the grill, outside, but he had to check on it and add coals and wood chips every 45 minutes or so. The result? DELICIOUS. I'm having some for lunch, with coleslaw, because that's the Best way to eat it; coleslaw and barbecue together in each bite. Oh man. When we move back to the NW I sort of want to open a restaurant serving this stuff, because you can't get it back there. I'll need to learn to make hush puppies and good coleslaw and fried okra too. We can already make good biscuits, and we'll get Francisco's mom to make the pies (for dessert), as she is a pie master. I love this idea, but then I think about how much real work it would be, and I quail a little. But would it be more work than the wedding chapel, is the real question.

Last night Francisco and I were watching something on PBS about the Hajj--the Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca. Saudi Arabia has the Hajj down to a science. They have food vendors and tents and transportation, and they even built a two story walkway structure around the 3 pillars where people throw stones at the devil. There's a funnel that the stones fall down and get trucked away to be picked up and thrown at the devil again the next day. The Hajj is so well orchestrated that it made me wonder if there's really any reason for people to actually go to Saudi Arabia, when they could just go to my newest brainstorm....Hajjiland!! Picture it--a theme park that is a precise replica of the Saudia Arabian Hajj. Everything would be exactly the same, even down to the dimensions of the stones people throw at the devil. Why go all the way to the Middle East when you can go to the desert of Southern California and have the Exact Same Experience? And with Hajjiland you can make your pilgrimage when it's convenient for You--you wouldn't have to follow Mohammad's crazy schedule. I feel the idea is simultaneously brilliant and trecherous, because imagine the protests and potential terrorism over Hajjiland. The idea takes my breath away with its insolence. It is an affront to everything the Hajj stands for, which is of course why it captured my imagination. No organized religion is safe in my brain--the brain is an equal opportunity insulter. It's toying with Easter World, at this very moment.

This morning Francisco made some progress with the cat and her kittens. We fed them yesterday evening but their bowl was empty this morning--probably a possum or something ate the food during the night. The cats were out there clustered around the empty dish, and I think they were eating little bits that had fallen around the bowl, because that's what it looked like. Francisco took a container of food out there, very slowly, and instead of legging it for the underbrush and disappearing, they just ran to a safe distance and watched. As soon as he was back in the house, they ate. We're going to feed them in the morning now, to prevent other creatures from eating their food, and I'm hopeful they'll start to trust us a little. Lucy hasn't--she still thinks we're out to kill her, after 10+ years--but that doesn't mean these cats won't, eventually.

I went shoe shopping during my lunch hour today but didn't find any. So I popped over to TJ Maxx and bought a gold J for the Boy's room (his name starts with J), as TJ Maxx had some silver and gold letters, and I know Boy will like it. I also flitted next door to JoAnn's and bought some red "rhinestones" for my atomicswap ornaments. Alas--no glitter paint. I'll have to go to Michael's for that.

That's about all I have to tell right now, but things are good and I hope they are for you too.


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