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I just want y'all to know that I am finally fulfilling my genetic destiny of feeding feral cats in my backyard. On Saturday afternoon I was in the kitchen puttering around and I saw a kitten creeping up onto our deck. I slowly opened the door, with the intention of catching and adopting it (yeah...Lucy and Esther would Love that...) but it managed to jump down and run away, and I saw 2 other kittens and a very young looking mother also running away. I think the kitten smelled our recyclables (which I can't smell but I don't have a cat nose) and thought they were food. Francisco and I immediately put food and water out for them and they ate the next morning--we saw them. Sunday I went out and purchased some less expensive cat food (the stuff Lucy and Esther eat is priced like solid gold) and intended to get some kind of outdoor shelter for them, but those turn out to be at least $60 (for one of those igloo things). I could always do what my great aunt Ruby did, which is tape plastic bags over cardboard boxes with door cutouts for the outdoor cats, but Francisco thinks he can build something better, and for a lot less than $60. The nights aren't too cold yet, but they will be soon, so one way or another we'll make a shelter for them.

This really IS genetic, see, because my mom feeds not only cats in her backyard, but also raccoons, squirrels, birds, and deer, plus who knows what all else that shows up when my parents are asleep. I love animals and I Want to feed those cats, but even if I didn't want to, I'd have to, as it is written in my chromosomes. I wish I could catch the cats, to get them their shots and get them spayed/neutered, but they're Really scared of us, so I don't think that's going to happen. The past 3 mornings we've pulled up the shade on the window that looks out on the backyard, and the mom has seen us and hustled her babies out after awhile, because she doesn't even want us Looking at her, from 40 feet away. Through binoculars. Lordy lord those kittens are cute. I love kittens so much it hurts.

Yesterday morning I came to work and did a few things, including the deleting of spam email, which is a part time job in itself, and then the phone rang. It was Boy, calling from school to tell me he felt really awful, so of course I stopped the presses and went to get him. I think what he needed was some intensive pampering, because this weekend he mainly played computer games and didn't give me much chance to baby him. I made him a nest on the couch, with pillows and beverages and the tv remote, and he watched bad tv (Miami Vice, The A Team) for a couple hours. I made him tuna melts for lunch and he ate and then took a nap, on purpose. I had wondered if he was faking it a little until he decided on his own to take a nap, and then I knew he wasn't shamming, because he never naps unless he feels truly shitty. After that he got up and watched The Matrix; Regurgitated, which we had just gotten in the mail from Netflix, and played with The Guys, and just generally took it easy. He felt a lot better this morning and went off to school (and a field trip) seeming pretty chipper. Hopefully he is now on the road to wellness.

This weekend I didn't do too tremendously much. I read the new Harry Potter book on Saturday, because Boy and Francisco had both read it and I hate to be left out. It was pretty good, but it's been so long since I read the previous one that I forgot what had happened and was confused for a little while at the beginning of the new book. I also did some cleaning (as usual) and knitting and I started my ornaments for the swap, and planted some amaryllis and paperwhites, for indoor enjoyment. We also watched a Netflick somewhere in there, and bought a load (more) of xmas decorations. It's going to be a festive xmas.


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