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The people who starved their 4 adopted children? I know why they did it. They did it so the adopted children would stand out from their biological children; so that everyone who knew them would remember they adopted 4 children and give them attention for it. They wanted those 4 children to be seen as ailing and perceived as a burden, so their "sacrifice" of adopting them would seem greater. "Oh yes, they adopted those 4, and they have so many health problems. They are such good people, taking in 4 children with problems." Those people are disgusting and I hate them very much right now.

On a lighter note, there was a brown recluse in our kitchen last night. Francisco and the Boy were looking at it and saying how cool it was and I was standing there asking if someone could please get a freaking glass to trap it in before it got away. Which Francisco did, taking the spider outside and throwing it into the yard. We knew it was a brown recluse because just earlier that day Francisco and Boy had looked one up on the interweb and emailed the picture to me, because I thought the spider I put outside on Sunday might have been one. I'm not sure if Sunday's spider was one, but it might well have been. So maybe we have a brown recluse infestation, which I have to say would make me rather unhappy, or maybe it's just an isolated incident. That's what we're going with for now.

So, last weekend. Saturday I felt really drained and tired all day, but I still forced myself to go bra shopping (no luck--the store I went to had a very limited selection and I didn't have time to go anywhere else. Next weekend maybe.) and then I bought a pair of cute pants before going to Cost Plus and getting some things I needed and things I didn't. Then to JoAnn's Fabrics, because they were having a big sale and I was going to try and buy upholstery foam, as Francisco was laboring that day to build the wood part of an ottoman. They didn't have the right foam, so instead I got a couple of patterns and some spray adhesive and some bamboo purse handles, and blah blah yadda yadda. Next weekend we'll go to a specialty store that has foam and upholstery fabric and get the stuff to finsh the ottoman.

Sunday morning I felt better so I did all my cleany and laundry chores and then met an AtomicFriend for lunch. I only recently found out how ridiculously near each other we live--we had probably cut each other off on the freeway before--and the lunch was really fun. She is smart and nice and fun, and hopefully we'll get together again sometime. After lunch I went home and watched the whole first season of The Office, which is my new favorite show except that we don't get BBC America so we can't see the second season until it's out on dvd. I can wait. If you have BBC America, I Highly recommend giving The Office a whirl. It took me a couple of episodes to stop feeling mortified for the main character, the boss, because he's Soooo embarrassing, but the mortification passed. Boy joined me for a few of the episodes and he loves it too. Francisco couldn't get past the mortification--he is extremely sensitive to that kind of thing--so he saw only part of the first episode and that was it.

This weekend we also watched The Princess and The Warrior, which was a good German movie, if a little odd. I kept thinking it was over but then it would keep going. Also this weekend Boy informed Francisco that he'd had an awkward moment with Esther when they were both in the bathroom, pooping at the same time. He kills me, he really does. You'll never believe what happened on Friday night. Ready? Boy had gone to an afterschool dance and when Francisco picked him up he had a polaroid picture of himself, his friend Ryan, and some girl. I asked the girl's name and that was it, because I didn't want to pry and make him feel uncomfortable. Francisco also refrained at first but later when I was in the kitchen he asked Boy if he'd want to see that girl sometime, outside of school, and Boy said maybe. He told Francisco that Ryan had kind of liked her in the past but, "now Ryan thinks I should go out with her". That right there froze me in my tracks. Go out?? My Boy?? Wait! What's happening?! It really knocked us through a loop, the idea of our Boy wanting to date. It seems too quick, but that's time for you. It tends to pass when you're not looking.

In conclusion I would like to say that on Sunday evening we'll be seeing a film called 'Jesus Christ, Vampire Hunter', and I can hardly wait.

That is all.


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