things; both good and bad


Today's Tattoobelly Wisdom: It's a bad idea to eat burritos from a gas station--just ask Francisco.

1) Something which pleases me: Francisco couldn't stand not having Flight of the Conchords to watch so he put HBO back on our cable lineup. Yay!

2) Something which does not please me: My Uncle Fred died on Friday. He was 10 years older than my mother (in his mid-80s) and had been in poor health for a long time. Still, it's depressing news and I feel so bad for my mom.

3) Something which pleases me: A story my mom told about Uncle Fred from when they were kids. He liked desserts a little too much so their Aunt Ruby (my great aunt) decided to do the equivalent of aversion therapy. She made a chocolate cream pie (I think that's the kind my mom said) and forced him to eat the whole thing in one sitting. After he finished he was holding his belly and saying it hurt, and at that point my mother punched him in the stomach. She says she doesn't remember why she did it but I think maybe she was jealous that she didn't get any pie.

4) Enough with that pleases/does not please format. We took the Shark to Eugene this weekend and left him there; he is very happy. Francisco and I are happy to have a few weeks in which to be footloose and fancy free and to have a Tivo temporarily uncluttered with MTV Jams, Wild and Out, and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. I think this break will be good for all of us. The Shark left his room in quite a state, which aggravated me a lot until I realized that if I cleaned it (which I NEVER do, but our friend, Diana, is coming for an overnight visit in a couple of weeks and will stay in his room) I'll be able to box up a bunch of stuff he never uses and take it out of his room. If he notices a thing is gone, he can have it back, but if he doesn't notice then I don't see why the Goodwill can't have it. He's a packrat, but unfortunately his current bedroom is Waaaay too small to indulge that habit.

5) Maybe it won't be his bedroom for too much longer, though. We're not going to make an offer on that one house we looked at, but we're actively house-hunting and I hope we'll find a great place pretty soon. The ultimate ideal scenario would be for Francisco and I to find the perfect house almost immediately, and the house would be empty so we could hurry up and paint and move in. Then Twyla and her family could rent the house we're in and that would solve their housing dilemma as well. How about it, Universe?

6) We're having bacon, eggs, toast, and salad for dinner.

7) I'm going to film those kittens, as long as they keep coming around often enough. They barely showed their adorable faces on Friday, so now I'm not sure I'll even have an opportunity to put them on YouTube. But I'll try.




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