preparing for the inevitable


Last night we went out for a walk, charged with the assignment of looking at a couple different rental houses for Twyla and Sonny. Francisco took a camera so we could get photos of the houses, and we accomplished our mission. While we were on the mission, though, we happened across a house for sale that might just be The One. It's a 3 bedroom, 1 1/2 bathroom house on a very large lot, with a separate 1 bedroom, 3/4 bath apartment upstairs. It has a huge deck and two outbuildings/workshops and the yard has much room for gardening AND has a mature apricot tree. I hadn't even considered the idea of an attached apartment, but here are the facts: Fact #1 - Francisco and Twyla's mom will surely move to Eburg if Twyla and her family do, though it may take her 2-3 years to do so. Fact #2 - She is 65. Fact #3 - She will, at some point, want to live with one of her children. Fact #4 - Having her in a separate apartment would be light years better than having her IN MY HOUSE. Fact #5 - Twyla and Sonny have young children who won't be leaving home for a long time, which would make it much more difficult for them to house Twyla's mother. Fact #6 - If their mother has to rent her own apartment, listening to her gripe about how much it's costing her and how little money she has would be extremely aggravating, and her children would surely have to subsidize her. Fact #7 - Buying a house with an attached apartment would be a very cost-effective way to house her. Fact # 8 - During the couple/three years before she moves over, we could rent the apartment to a student and that additional income would help with the inevitable fixes and updates the house would need (it looks pretty good but could use repainting, and also the owners are fond of using white painted trellising for railings and etc; that shit is ugly and needs to be replaced). To sum up, I like the house and feel it would be a good place to live, but I haven't seen the inside so maybe I shouldn't get too carried away. In addition to the bedrooms it has an office (described as "large") and a dining room, AND it has a metal roof, which we really like. I want to officially view this house, stat. Francisco, are you reading this?? If you love me you'll call the realtor.

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