unexpected 3 day weekend


Twyla called last night and said she and the family were thinking about coming over on Friday to look for rentals, and could they stay the night at our place. Answer = emphatically YES. Since we're leaving at 8-ish on Saturday to take Shark to the grandparents', we'll have to leave them a key so they can lock up, but we have extra keys so no problem. Anyway, this morning I asked my supervisor if I could leave at 1:00 tomorrow (1:00 is my normal lunch hour) and she said yes. I told her why I wanted to leave early and she said I could take the whole day off if I wanted. Yes please! I hadn't thought of asking for the whole day, but I'm excited to have it and it will help with preparations for our trip to Eugene. Yay!

Okay, those kittens in the backyard are filling up my heart with their cuteness. Last night I was watching them play play play (from the window, of course) and I decided to take them out some more food and a few toys. Esther and Lucy have a bunch they never even look at, so I got three balls--one ping-pong and 2 fuzzy--and took those out. I threw them onto the lawn, refilled their food (all this while the mother hissed at me), and then retreated to the house to watch. It took them awhile to get over the shock of having their space invaded, but then the most adventurous kitten investigated the toys and started playing with one of the fuzzy balls. And oh. my. MOM--there could not possibly have been anything more adorable than that happening on the planet right then. The cutest was how the kitten would carry the ball around in his/her mouth between sessions of batting at it with the paws. It's killing me to watch them back there and tonight I'm going to take them some tuna and more toys. I think I'll get some fuzzy mice (new ones--the few Esther and Lucy have are pretty mauled) for them so I can see what they do. Maybe I'll film their antics and put it on YouTube so you can see them for yourself. What do you think, film them? Yes ____ No_____ [check one]

We looked at that house last night and I was pleasantly surprised by the interior--it's in very good condition. The floors have been refinished AND there's a half bath we didn't know about because it wasn't on the Take One sheet, so it's 1 1/2 baths, which is much better than only 1--we would at least have the luxury of showering without first checking that no one has to pee. There are all new appliances, including washer and dryer, which come with the house, and the owner has just lowered the price by $6,000. So I don't know, we might make an offer, but we're not positive yet. Any offer we'd make would OF COURSE be contingent on an inspection, because who knows what problems could be lurking in an 87 year-old house? Besides that hideous siding, I mean. Something else that's making us hesitate on writing an offer is there's a house just two down from that which is getting new siding and which the neighbors say will be on the market soon and which is larger and more esthetically pleasing on the outside than the one we looked at. The neighbors had apparently been inside before and they said it is really super nice, and big. They knew who the real estate agent for that house will be except they could only identify her as "that real estate agent who was a rodeo queen". Naturally I was able to get her name from my coworker, Cookie, because this is a small town and Cookie knows everyone. So I think if possible we'll want to look at that house, and hopefully the backyard is larger and less shaded than it looks from the front, because it does not appear to be a very good gardening yard, but maybe it is and we just don't know it. It's a great style, though, and has a terrific front porch. I will have to take pictures for your consideration.

I probably had more to tell you but I'm out of time. I probably won't talk to you before Monday, so have a great weekend.




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